Wagging Tail-688

You are in luck peeps it’s your Pretty Pitty Princess here again.

I have been tasked to report on the Oscar’s as it’s a girly sort of event especially the fashions.

We all had long naps yesterday so we could go the distance and stay up to cheer on BELFAST which was up for seven awards.

Scooby whispered in my ear that I was to be on my best behavior and sit still and watch and for sure there would be endless treats as Ma can’t watch TV and not eat!

He was right. There were peanuts, ice cream and popcorn all on the go during the session that started with the red carpet at 6:30 and ended with the best movie award at 11:45

We were all enjoying when something very surprising happened. One of the hosts upset an actor and the actor smacked him.

At first we thought it was part of a routine but then the screen went blank for a moment and we realized it was no joke.

It was one of those moments that I can relate to. Sometimes I’m a little impulsive and do things I shouldn’t and then I regret it immediately afterwards. Let’s hope it doesn’t overshadow a well deserved win for Will!

It sort of spoiled the show though until the good Sir Kenneth stepped up to take his Oscar and we all felt better because times move on and Belfast is much better today healed and happy.


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