Wagging Tail-690

I’m sad today because my Mom is sad.

Her Bestie, my Auntie Carol, lost her baby girl Maisie yesterday.

Maisie was one of the best dogs ever born. I’m the other. Ma feels awful because she can’t be at Carols side today. They are like sisters you see.

I never did met Maisie but my predecessor Dibley and her were aquatinted and surprisingly got along.

Dibley was a spoiled dominant purebred sort but Miss Maisie in her own quiet way put him in his place. Ironically Cushings Sydrome took them booth!

She was a rescue like me. Had very few teeth due to malnutrition before her adoption but she was a mighty Maisie full of spunk.

She was her Moms baby girl just like I’m my Moms baby boy.

She loved to walk and spent many happy hours on country roads.

She has crossed the big rainbow bridge that we all will cross some day and is in good company with her friends and family watching over all of us. I’ll meet her there sometime for sure.

Blessing-#1291-Future Reunions

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