Wagging Tail-741

Pouring out there which is not a problem for us but when we hear the thunder Ma backs off from walking.

It’s was therefore a quick in and out for the urgent needs only.

One good thing with having the demonic presence is that you get to burn off some steam if you can’t get in your steps.

It drives Dad crazy but it makes me laugh. See Dad blamed jaws for all the trouble when secretly I know that I start it.

The deer must have been stomping around too this morning because we found one of our bearded irises had bit the dust.

We stuck it in with the floc and it looks lovely and gives perfect height for playing hide and seek with Mega.

Although not ideal all in all not a bad start to the weekend. If we’d gone for our usual walk rather than roaming round our yard we’d not have found that gift from Bambi!

Blessing#1342-Showers & Flowers

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