Wagging Tail-743

Dad is apoplectic with anger.

Mega may as well pack her Pretty Pitty purse because her days are numbered.

This epic started yesterday morning when Auntie Denise gave Ma a lovely lavender plant.

Before Ma went to work we potted it in a big container on the back window step where it will get lots of sun.

Mega was in on the work and loved the smell. She even decided she could do gardening herself and brought a tiny pot with a mint slip inside and hid it under the table.

So that’s not a big deal she’d argue she was being helpful but that’s not it!

See while Ma was away Jaws decided that she had to get out and do more work. So she ate a huge hole in the screen door.

It’s massive. The entire screen will need to be replaced.

I could get through it easily and for sure even if fatso sticks she’ll force her way through.

So everyone will need to make sure the gate is close. Or maybe I’ll open it and solve all our problems!!!!!


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