Wagging Tail-745

Ma had a birthday party at the Tearoom yesterday so had to go to work in her day off.

She said I could come along because I’m so patient and we’ll behaved and good and tortured by a demon and that this also may be the last Goldilocks day till October.

So off we went.

The countryside is looking very pretty with all the flocs out. Reminiscent of Renoir we think.

So too is our garden at the Tearoom that Auntie Laura planted with such love last year. All her pretty flowers she gifted us are blooming.

We also have our first rose from the old rose bushes that Uncle Martin pruned. They are like new again.

The big tree that Auntie Carolyn thinks might be a black locust is full of blossoms.

They smell real good and are making confetti. There are so many blossoms flying around that Auntie Paula thought it was snowing!

It’s so good to see our little place looking so loved and happy.

I made sure to leave it a little additional nitrogen on the peonies ( or is that pee on me!!!) before I left since I may not see it again till fall.

Blessing#1346-Field Trip.

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