Wagging Tail-755

There are days when I’m glad to have Jaws around for company. She can be entertaining but don’t tell her or she’ll get more puffed up.

When Ma leaves at 9:00 and doesn’t come home till 6:00 it can be a bit boring with Dad.

While it might look like it she hasn’t found a new man.

She says she’s networking for the good of her business.

Yesterday she went with Auntie Paula to the chamber of commerce ribbon cutting for the Mary Ellen Withrop room at the Marion Historical Society.

There was a great turnout and the famous lady was there being as gracious as every. She’d donated a lot of great treasures including her inauguration outfit.

This building also houses the popcorn museum which is really cool. She got some fresh made but ate it all. Never thinks of me my Ma!

If you live local you should visit and then come see Ma for tea. See she’s teaching me that at every occasion you got to market your magic!

The day before Ma was preaching at the Marion Womens Club about the history and health benefits of tea.

I’m thinking of taking to drinking it myself.

Could be quite refreshing after a round in the ring with PITS.


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