Wagging Tail-785

Greeting my precious public it’s your one and only PIT.

Don’t I look just perfect in this pic?!

Yesterday was hot hot hot just like me.

We could only have a short afternoon trot and then returned to the ranch for fun.

Grandpa was watching tennis so we decided to have a game. The way I play is different from the Grey Gizz. He brings the ball back to Granny. I chew it. So the games are short.

We then moved on to hunt the treat.

I’m so smart I find them easily.

The Gizz can’t work it out at all.

Granny got clever and filled the little bones with ice cubes to cool us down.

I snagged them all.

I got so fast she got fed up filling them.

So I decided to eat the holders instead.

That got Granny mad. Doesn’t take much to do that so I looked contrite and gave her my famous smile.

She still put the games away and we had to get back to my favorite sport. Wrestling.

I let the Gizz pin me since he’d lost out on all the other games. I’m such a good sport!!!!!

Blessing#1486-LOVE All

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