Wagging Tail-796

By now you know I am a wise and wonderful Wheaten Cross.

Such a thinker, I have no doubt Rodin would have cast me in bronze rather than that naked dude had I been around at his time.

I reflect daily on the nature of life and have been driven to deeper contemplation over the past week as images of the universe emerged from the Webb telescope.

How far is far? Why are we here? Are we alone? Does it really matter? Should I be nicer to Nala?

These are but a few of the question I zoom in upon each morning.

Until that is Ma gives me a push and saws we have to make scones as she’s had another busy week.

That’s when it hits me. We are but molecules in a recipe.

If that scone was the universe I might be the sugar and make things sweet, I might be a raisin and really stand out, I might be just the good old flour itself that is the backbone holding everything together or I might be the baking powder that causes the action and expansion.

That’s when I get up and go because regardless and hopefully with enjoyment someone is going to gobble that little universe up and turn it into tiny bits to feed other universes deep within.

Blessing #1397-Galaxies

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