Wagging Tail-819

This morning I have decided to expound a little on luck.

The inspiration is of course myself.

How fortunate am I to be able to lie snuggled beside a hot human in Ohio when once I was locked up ready for execution in a pound in Texas.

I may have been less than lucky with my haircut this week but then again I am more adorable with a shaggy less functional look.

Ma and Auntie Marsha have been comparing luck as it relates to rain. We have been having localized cloud bursts. A small river was created in the parking lot at the tearoom yesterday while just a few miles away at Marsha’s and here at our place there was not a drop so both ladies have to water their plants!

Here’s the real deal though when it comes to good luck. My cousin Vandana is getting married in October so all the humans are going to the wedding. The demonic presence and myself will not be attending and have been booked into the Four Paws Resort and Spa. I think that’s lucky as it sounds like we will be pampered nicely.

Last weekend Ma also booked the human accommodation and yesterday cousin V was checking on the status of the block of rooms they have been assigned at the hotel and could not find my humans names.

She’s a researcher so she did what researchers do and dug a little deeper into this. Her investigation yielded a splendid result.

My humans reservation was there at the hotel but not in the block allocated for the wedding guests.

So here’s the good news V has everything changed with her contact and the parents and bro pay only half of the original rate!

In Milk Bones that’s about a truck load! Happy Days


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