Wagging Tail-828

Today marks a very special anniversary for the people of India including my Dad.

75 years ago today they gained their independence from the British.

Dad is still tied to his very own Brit after 36 years but that’s by agreement and not by enforcement.

The country has been through hard times since that day but has overcome many obstacles to become a world superpower and tech giant.

Great leaders were responsible for bringing independence to this beautiful and amazing country not least the Mahatma. Some might argue he was the most influential leader of modern times and was certainly the inspiration and initiator of Civil Rights movements around the globe.

However, I must say a special word for Nehru. He was the first Prime Minister and led the country for those initial and most important first 17 years that included civil war.

He had it all brains and bounty and beauty and of course also was a dog lover. What more is there to say except well done and happy birthday!

Blessing#1429-Candles on the Cake

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