Wagging Tail-831

Isn’t it funny when you know two people who don’t know each other but who have a lot in common? It’s like they really should be introduced!

Such is the case with my Auntie Laura and our neighbor Laura. Not only do they have the same name but they share a common love of butterflies.

When Mom was about to open her tearoom Auntie Laura was still living in Ohio. She now divides her time between Florida, Georgia and North Carolina depending on the season. It’s in my plan to visit her one of these days.

Anyway Auntie Laura who also like neighbor Laura loves gardening decided the tearoom needed an outdoor makeover. So she arrived one day with a truck load of plants and started work.

She planted two butterfly bushes that were tiny at the time but have grown to be huge and smell just like honey!

The are now delivering on their promise and attracting lots of butterflies. There was a swarm of them yesterday and a few bees too.

Now here’s the funny thing neighbor Laura has a butterfly garden where she harvest monarch’s eggs and then releases them to start their journey.

It may be a bit far fetched as the tearoom is thirty miles from home but wouldn’t it be strange if the butterflies my Mom saw at the tearoom yesterday were neighbor Laura’s babies feasting on Auntie Laura’s gift. Maybe they’re fueling up to go visit her!!!!


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