Wagging Tail-837

So you’ve probably been wondering where we went yesterday. You won’t believe this. The Addams Family Granny is smarter than my Mom!

The plan was Morticia and me would spend a half day at doggy day care to see if we qualify for boarding in October at the Spa! You need to be refined to go to the Spa! No bad behavior! Might rule out Mort!

The bro and Ma had all the paperwork with them to show our vaccination records.

Problem is Ma didn’t look past the first page of Morticia’s file. The PITs rabies was valid but her other vaccines expired last week!

So result is they couldn’t let her in. I could have stayed as I’m smart and all shot up like Itt but Ma wouldn’t leave me without the PIT.

So home we came. All the way the bro was on the phone negotiating with the vet tech to get an earlier appointment for the beast. He’s very persuasive my bro. Charming just like Gomez. He got an appointment for tomorrow at 4:30. Maybe he’ll take her flowers!

We found Dad with a face like Fester surrounded by carpet cleaners who had arrived to clean in our absence.

Result. Jaws got locked up in the bros room and I was left in the screened porch to stew. It was then that Ma got a call that she’d left her card at the dog spa. It’s forty minutes away!!!!

So off the Bro and Ma went leaving me still on the porch and Dad still surrounded by carpet cleaners.

Worst of all they stopped for lunch on the way home again and didn’t bring me a scrap.

We’re now rescheduled for our test run on Monday. This is set to be a soap opera!!!!

In the meantime Mort and I have agreed we need team work to return this carpet to its usual doggy perfume. Currently it smells like Channel! Simply Monstrous to me!!!


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