Wagging Tail-870

Blind panic is the only way to describe the events of this morning.

We were up at six thirty. Put out the trash, got my brekkie, made the coffee, had a pee and got Dads meds ready and then sat down.

That’s when it happened. It was faster than squirrel chasing.

Ma checked her phone.

Message from Auntie Paula from last night. Reminder to Ma that she is hosting the local business group at 8:00 am.

Heavens. It was 6:50 now and Marion is 45 minutes away.

Pull on clothes, clean teeth, wash face, grab scones, put coffee machine in car as these business types need to be hyper caffeinated of a morning!!! tea is not sufficient!!!!!

Scream at the bro to get up ( I think he thought the house was on fire) and take care of Jaws who must poop as soon as she eats.

That’s was it and in a puff of smoke Ma was out the door.

Ma made it by 7:50. She has a heavy foot!

You know what? No one even guessed for a moment she’d forgotten all about them except Auntie Paula of course who was on stand by just in case!!

Don’t tell. It’s our secret!!!!!


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