Wagging Tail-872

Greetings Pit Peeps. How y’all been? Have you missed me? I know I’m irresistible.

I’ve been sleeping in late these days as that big ball of fire in the sky is rising after seven. It’s so helpful for my beauty to get those extra minutes of shut eye. I’d recommend it over any night cream. Don’t I look fab? I’ve told Granny she should try it but she still gets up at six!

When the sun does come up it is quite spectacular. Here’s a photo Auntie Denise took yesterday morning that shows just how beautiful it is.

It seems everywhere we’re surrounded by such warming hues at present. There are pumpkins popping up in all the yards and lots of chrysanthemums too.

Our house is also overrun with themed ornaments. Granny is crazy.

Grandpa took it to a different dimension yesterday and even cooked up some of that color! The smell was great. The Gizz and I got wind of it and did a synchronized “heads up”.

We got a few nibbles. His chicken sure is fingerlickin’.

Maybe we should call him Colonel


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