Wagging Tail-874

Thanks to Facebook Mum is still in touch with friends from elementary school. They’ve know each other since they were five years old.

This morning one of them, Linda, posted a link from Voice for the Voiceless on how to help hedgehogs survive the winter ahead.

These cute critters are native to Europe. We don’t have them here in the USA. They are very loyal to the home they adopt and come to the same place year after year. Ma knows that from experience!

Got us thinking of some other cuties like that who stick by their humans who may be suffering at present in Florida; the manatees.

Our Auntie Laura has them all around her in Florida, there is even a river by her place called the Manatee.

We are praying for all dear souls this morning that this terrible Ian doesn’t hurt them too much.

Incidentally another of Ma’s school pals is called Ian but he’s a good guy not at all like this nasty storm.


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