Wagging Tail-887

Precious Public it’s your Princess again. Today I’m something of a Poor Pity Me Pitty!

Remember that Elizabethan collar the Gizz had to wear when he got his injury? Well the humans are trying to impose it on me now!

Gizz is jealous. Thinks I’m stealing it.

No way!

The thing gives me the creeps and I become catatonic when they put it on me so eventually within five minutes they have to cave in and take it off.

See the problem is I have a thing growing on my rear left.

It started growing around the time Gizz got run over. It was nothing to do with sympathy for him.

When I went for my check up at the vet he said it was most likely a ganglion cyst and should disappear in a few weeks. If it got bigger I was to come back for a biopsy in four weeks. We measured it to be 1cm and took a picture that day.

It’s not disappearing, it’s getting bigger. Licking it doesn’t make it better.

Can you all send positive vibes my way that a minor miracle happens and that it disappears within the next two weeks.

In the meantime I’m being given all the attention I so deserve!

Blessing#1488- Cosseted

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