Wagging Tail-895

There is something strange going on.

Ma started pulling clothes out of the wardrobe that I’d never seen her wear before. She struggled into them with a lot of deep breathing and thanked God for spanx

The bro tried on a lot of pants and jackets of Dads to see if anything would fit him. One jacket worked! He has to wear his own pants though!!!!

Dad put frontline on me and Mega on Tuesday night just to be sure we’re OK! He then pulled out our vaccination files and put them in a promenant position on the kitchen table. Ominous!

Finally, and not for fun, Ma took the scissors to my werewolf hairdo as she said I’d disgrace the family if anyone saw me like that.

What can it be? I didn’t sleep well at all with all the worrying. Tossed and turned all night long!


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