Wagging Tail-913

Long long long ago when Granny was about my age she went to the Windsor Cinema on the Donegall Road in Belfast one Saturday afternoon with great Auntie Carol to see a movie.

It was a Disney movie but it scared the bejebers out of both gals because it had a barmy banshee.

Recently in our Facebook feed we’ve been getting a promotional about a new movie featuring, you guessed it, banshees. Do you think “the algorithm” knows Granny went to see Darby or do you think it’s just a coincidence?

What I hear you ask is a Banshee? I confess I had the same question myself. Well I’ve been told within Irish folklore it is the harbinger of death!

On foggy mornings like the ones we had last week you could just imagine it creeping around and jumping out on you.

Looks a bit like the Gizz all old and ugly and grey if you ask me.

He’s no good at howling though that’s my forte maybe I’ll give Granny a little free fright next time we have a pea souper.

Blessing#1514-Ghouls and Giggles

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