Wagging Tail-915

When we were out for our trot on Monday my mate Remington’s Mom remarked “you’re getting a little shaggy Scooby”.

That was it. As soon as we got back Ma gets the bro, who was in the middle of breakfasting, to hold me and grabs the scissors.

I didn’t even bother snarling because I know when she gets something into her head it’s going to get done. I escaped under the table though when she went for my paws.

The Princess was perplexed. Thought we’d brought her a puppy or some new fangled snack when she saw the output. That is the one advantage of being a Pit you don’t grow curls.

Ma chopped all around my eyes and the top of my head right down to my collar which left quite a pile.

She left me with a cool dude beard. It’s sorta like a reverse mullet.

So happy was she with her efforts that she decided she’d go for the chop too so off she went to Great Clips.

It looks like she told them to give her a radical Pixie as she’s now got less hair than the Pitty Princess.

We’ll both have much better perspective on life for a few weeks at least since we’ll definitely be able to see where we’re going!


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