Wagging Tail-938

This pic of my predecessor popped up on Facebook yesterday. Timely!

Now I’m pretty sure he was referring to American Football and not soccer but I know I’m in for a big weekend of the Real Footie starting today.

Dad is deeply into it. So while Ma, dressed like some weird Old Maid,is dishing out the mince pies at her Victorian Christmas Dad and me will be hunkered hear at home.

Today we’re rooting for Switzerland since it’s Dads second home and Cameroon since we’d love another big upset.

Tomorrow goes without saying we’re all in for the USA since it’s my home and Sunday for England since it’s part of the UK and to whose King Ma and the bro swear allegiance.

Oh the excitement. Oh the snacks. Just can’t believe how many munchies we’ll get through.

Blessing#1539-Crisps or Chips

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