Wagging Tail-957

All was going well yesterday. After our car ride we made enough pea and ham soup to feed us till Christmas and then had a siesta.

When we woke up though there was a text from the tenant of the apartment at the tearoom to say the power had gone out!

This is the second time this has happened so of course it got Ma all stressed out which is not fun. She gets all fussy and sad!

Each time such an event occurs she laments the day she ever saw this ancient piece of real estate.

While she waited for the electricians to arrive and see if they could resolve the issue she had to watch Pride and Prejudice. It’s her go too for times of trouble.

I know the words by now.

That Lizzy Bennet is just like jaws.

As for Mr Collins doesn’t he remind you of something. She sure chewed him up and spat him out didn’t she?

By the time we got to the elopement of Lydia the lights were back on.

Does anyone know a redcoat like Wickham that might induce Jaws to take a hike.


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