Wagging Tail-962

Joint publication called for today disaster has befallen us!

You know there is a line in an old song that goes « the Christmas we get we deserve »? Well we must have done some horrible things because our Christmas was unbelievable.

Shortly after Santa stopped and left us our toys under the tree our heating stopped working.

Everyone tried to stop and restart it but to no avail. Gave us some exercise though running up and down to the basement.

We turned on the gas fire but it is literally hot air.

Since the house was warm we weren’t immediately cold especially as the oven was on and pots were boiling to make our Turkey dinner.

We called the people who installed the system during summer and their emergency number too but no one answered or returned our call.

Only one company Atlas Butler were able to send a technician on Christmas Day. Hats off to them.

He arrived two hours ahead of schedule at six pm and diagnosed the problem. It will require parts that need to be ordered and that will need to come through the warranty.

Fortunately our neighbors Karen and Mike had two space heaters they loaned us as the bros expedition to find stores open to buy some was fruitless.

Karen and Mike and Denise and her Mike offered us rooms at their inns but we felt it better to stay home and monitor the situation.

Since it’s still -18C outside we have all the taps dripping.

Dad spent the night on the sofa guarding the fire while we dogs worked hard keeping our humans warm.

It’s a little challenging at first to find the good in all this except when you do begin to think about it you realize how fortunate you are that you have kind neighbors and each other and power and gas and clothes and blankets and food and so much that so many don’t have at all

Blessing#1563-Warm Hearts

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