Wagging Tail-977

Greetings PITTY PEEPS!

Granny got her numbers wrong yesterday. Did you notice? Sometimes she looses count.

Anyway I’ll forgive her because she is ancient and it wasn’t my post it was the old stinkers.

I’m helping her around the house doing a bit of cleaning because she was so good to me this weekend so I owe her.

She was mad at me on Saturday because I took off on our evening trot after a herd of deer. She nearly had a heart attack getting me back. This made me very thirsty so I drank a whole bowl of water and some time later had a little accident on the carpet which I haven’t done for years while Granny was watching Escape to the Chateau.

Granny gave off stink to my poor Dad. Sent him a text saying she was sick of taking care of me and that he did nothing so he could take the tree down and do the vacuuming and and and.

She got a shock because when she woke up on Sunday the tree and all the decor was gone and the vacuum was lying ready for action.

So all was forgiven and we were all friends again.

She and Dad took me and the Gizz to the dog park on Sunday afternoon.

It’s a swell place. Even has its own beach but it was too cold for swimming.

Normally we would go in the big dog area but there were two tiny little kids in there as well as dogs which was a bit silly so Granny said we’d go in the little dog park which was empty.

We had a great time didn’t do anything but play catch and chase for half an hour.

Was exhausted and thirsty and hungry on my return.

Hope to go back soon. I’m turning into a great runner. Maybe I’ll work on hurdles next!!!

Blessing#1578-Track and Field

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