Wagging Tail-982

The things that disrupt my sleep are unbelievable. I have the patience of a saint listening to the ramblings of my Ma and I am not nearly adequately appreciated!

Last night as she was slugging back her fizzy water around 2:00am Ma was struck by the word QUAFF!

That’s a great word Scoob she said why don’t we use it more often? Like who cares Ma. On and on and she went. Wonder is it related to COIF as in coifed from the French coiffure?

She should have got up and googled it there and then because for the next hour she was speculating how the two words may be linked.

Turns out she wasn’t the first to ask the question and no it has nothing to do with hairdos. It’s all about excess from the low German.

Blessing#1583-Just Guzzle

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