Wagging Tail-984

Passionate Peeps I am a Poorly Pitty.

You know I have the constitution of an ox and a lead strong stomach but yesterday I felt miserable like a very old lady.

Half way to the park I puked up all my brekkie. Three big piles of it that poor old Granny had to pick up of the road. Auntie Denise said it could have been worse it could have been on the carpet.

We proceeded undeterred but within a few minutes I had the runs and it was all bloody.

Granny was racking her brain as to what I might have eaten. Speculation ranged from socks to soap to sweeties to soda since these are scattered systematically all around my Dads bedroom. Apart from this the Gizz and me ate all the same things.

It was only after much winding back of the memory’s tape that the light dawned. Granny had had sardines in hot sauce for lunch and when she opened the tin she spilled some of the sauce on the kitchen floor. Of course I’d sprung to her rescue and quickly cleaned it up. Bingo!

That’s me off the Tabasco for life. Maybe sardines too since they are pretty stinky!

Please pray I will be able to eat enough today to catch up on yesterday’s imbalance as I may fade away to nothing.


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