Wagging Tail-986

Cousin Krishna sends us jokes every day to get me in a good mood. It helps me deal with trouble that currently is slumbering sweetly in another room.

This morning the cartoon gave me a smile and got me all nostalgic for a good road trip.

We always play the game « spot the states » the person who gets the furthest away wins. If we’re doing a really long journey then we count the number of states we see. Ma and the bro got well into the thirties on one trip but they were going to the Deep South.

At this time of year it’s usually too cold for me to go with Ma to work as I have to sit in the car while she’s in the tearoom.

Maybe if it’s a good day next Monday when she is off I’ll see if she’d take us all out.

Now all I need to do is study up on where to go. That’s part of the fun! Oh and how to get TROUBLE into the Trunk! She ain’t sharing the back seat of my Aretha!

Blessing#1587-Map Quests

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