Wagging Tail-991

Everyone who has a human knows what it’s like when they go out at night and leave you at home.

You wait and wait and wait and wonder and wonder and wonder will they come back soon. You listen for the car and the garage door opening and then you wait some more. Soon it’s time to check out the bedroom just in case they sneaked in a different door. No they didn’t so back to lookout position number one.

Well here’s the thing guess what?

See our deer well they have started to do this too.

They camp outside our garage and wait for our humans to come home. Ma had her phone handy so she got a clear pic of them last night. Posers.

Maybe it’s because that Memorial one was born in our yard. I’m a bit miffed about all this but Ma says not to worry they are no competition for me. I’m her one and only.

It’s all very exhausting especially this competition. I just fade as soon as Ma hangs up the car keys and sits down.

Blessing#1592-Conking Out

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