Wagging Tail-1009

Mom had a word with me this morning.

Listen up Scooby she said I have to leave you in charge here for a few days. I’m going to Indianapolis today to do some training for my Kairos work at the prison. You have to take care of Dad make sure he takes his meds and make sure Nala isn’t too naughty.

Your bro will take you out when he comes home from work and you’ll have to sleep with him also so he can take you out before he leaves for work. Talk to him if needed.

I know I’m running for president but I’m panic stricken.

How will I cope without my head honcho.

No exercise.

No morning snuggles

What if the bro is delayed at work.

How long can I hold on.

Can I cope without killing Jaws?

Can I cope without killing Dad?

I need to breathe deeper and do some yoga.

Blessing#1610-Soon it’s Sunday

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