Wagging Tail-1011

Precious Peeps it’s a Poorly Pits.

Appropriately as Gran works on prison ministry I was incarcerated all day yesterday.

When Dad came home and I was released but I ate my dinner so fast I barfed it all up again. At least he will have no poop to deal with this morning.

I talked to Granny who told me to be strong like all good gals.

She said we have it very cushy at our place and this is only for a few days.

Reminded me of that documentary we watched some days ago about girls in India.

It does give you perspective on life.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it. Well worth a view.

I’m going to rest now as I’ll need all my energy later to greet Granny on her return.

Blessing#1612-See You Later

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