Wagging Tail-1019

Precious Peeps it’s Princess here getting your work week off to a happy start.

All day yesterday I was with my humans. So much togetherness is to be treasured but a tad tiring.

We watched movies and had snacks.

I snuggled beside Dad and then beside Grandpa and then, so she wouldn’t be jelly, I gave Granny a snuggle too.

All this loving clean did me in. I just could not keep my eyes open after a while. Fell fast asleep on top of my best bone.

A nice nap helped and then we had an afternoon trot to wet the appetite for a steak and chips dinner. Just the smell of it does my heart good.

I closed my eyes and if I’m not mistaken I ate some too in the land of nod. Hope y’all have a week like my Sunday.

Blessing#1620-Dreamy Day

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