Wagging Tail-1022

We were watching the morning news just now and counting our lucky stars that we had escaped the latest round of storms.

One million people in the Midwest have no power because of ice and snow. Meanwhile in Florida people are wilting in all time record heat.

We’re in the pink at that nice little sweet spot of a new record high of 72F. I’d just smiled and taken my postprandial place beside Ma when she stood up to get her coffee.

That’s when it happened she stood on my toe again. The right one this time.

Now I understand accidents happen but if someone stood on your toe and made you squeal twice in the space of a few days would you not get suspicious?

Is she trying to hurt me or get rid of me? Maybe she doesn’t want to move to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Can she be trusted? Is she toughening me up!

Blessing#1623-Seeking Balance

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