Wagging Tail-1027

We were just finalizing a fine siesta yesterday afternoon when we were rudely awakened by alarms.

These weren’t coming from our clock but from outside. Tornadoes!!!

Quickly on goes our favorite weatherman and it’s a bit puzzling because the nearest tornado risk was twenty miles to the west.

Funny but anyway Ma decides I should eat quickly and she should get me out before these things get closer.

So I bolt down the dinner we rush out and do the business and then we give Mega her dinner and repeat.

Except in the space of seconds the heavens opened and Ma and Meg got soaked. I smirked.

No tornadoes came our way but they hit hard elsewhere.

Knowing threats had passed we relaxed for the evening.

In the middle of the night though it felt like a hurricane was coming through. The wind was powerful. No alarms though so we could breathed easy and rolled over.

Blessing#1628-Testing Testing

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