Wagging Tail-1049

If we, make that Ma, comes across anything from China, India or Ireland on Netflix we all have to watch it.

So it was that last night she hit on the ELEPHANT WHISPERERS.

In a nutshell this lovely little couple take care of an abandoned baby elephant who is in terrible shape. He is called Rhagu and he survives.

They are then given an even tinier baby to take care of and she too survives but the park rangers then take Rhagu away and the people are heart broken.

It is a beautiful tale of love and loss and kindness and caring. Had something of a calming effect on certain people.

Now here’s the funny thing. When they were feeding the babies they made big balls of sweetened food and placed them in the elephant’s mouth. Ma said to Dad that it looked to all intents and purpose like the ladoos Lord Ganesha holds. Whose he I asked? I’d like to see him.

Well guess what cousin Krishna sent us this morning. A picture of the good Ganesha himself with a whole plate of sweeties.


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