Wagging Tail-1063

As promised, today I’m giving you an update on yesterday’s BAPS!

First, to put this in context for you who may be uninitiated, these are as fundamental a part of Belfast culture as the Titanic.

Toddlers are given big pieces of their crust to chew on. No teething rings needed. Thereafter the taste is enhanced with thick coatings of butter and bingo you are hooked for life.

So when Ma saw that recipe her hankering for home hit high gear.

The dough rose like a charm.

We googled what it meant to “knock it back” and it rose again!

We then slipped the beauties into a hot oven and baked them with a tray of water in the bottom to make steam.

They crusted up to become like long range missiles. To you who have not seen one before they may look burned but fear not.

Inside they were soft and yummy

Blessing#1664-To Be Repeated

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