Wagging Tail-1071

The current incumbent of my future position was in Mom’s hometown, Belfast, yesterday.

He flew in with his entourage on Air Force One.

It’s a huge jumbo jet and since I won’t need nearly as large a security squad, as I can snarl myself safe, I plan to scale back on my aircraft.

You have really got to walk the talk when it comes to environmental impact so following negotiations I expect to see a few trees planted in the Emerald Isle over the next few days.

It’s a pity I haven’t been there yet but my time will come. I’d be delighted to stay in a country kennel but downtown sure looks swell and I sense Ma might enjoy a little luxury.

I have the look down pat and I’ll be sure to give those trees a fine fertilizing treatment because I know in Ireland they won’t need much watering.

As Oscar said you gotta let things mature and evolve.

Blessing#1672-Going Green

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