Wagging Tail-1082

Peeps it’s your Princess. I know I know I know you missed me so!!!

I have been increasing my intake of fiber.

This new grass is so sweet.

No wonder the bunnies love it.

Now of course it would be a more balanced diet if I could supplement the greens with a little meat but granny has me tethered to the stinky old Gizz.

That bunny sure looks tasty

Thanks though to my intake of new mown hay I uncovered treasure.

While I was finalizing the digestive process I found a little ring in our yard.

Too small for my nose or ear.

Looks very sparkly thought.

Very definitely the property of another very beautiful Princess

We put it on the front porch by the little doggy so should you own it come and get it.

Blessing#1683-Diamonds for Ever

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