Wagging Tail-1087

Well what can I say Precious Peeps except the POWER is on my side.

See Granny and the Gizz and me were down in the basement yesterday morning attempting to print the tickets for the upcoming big trip when POOF the lights went out.

It’s incredible how silent everything becomes when there’s no TV or AC!

Even the Grumpy old Gizz stopped barking

He just sat gazing at Granny as though she could fix it. I mean she is awesome but she ain’t no electron! Having said that, doesn’t himself look like he’s a lamp stand! Unilluminated of course since he’s so dull!!

I know the deal though! My prayers have paid off. This is the first step in the Almighty’s plan to halt my being lodged in a kennel next to that horrible hound for a week. Playground or no playground from dawn till dusk I’m not sleeping near him!!!

The Force is with Me! I’m on higher ground!!


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