Wagging Tail-1099

We have just about wrapped up the coverage of the coronation but before we close this chapter we thought you’d like a taste of London.

There is such diversity of food on offer but for Ma the best is Fish and Chips. she had it for dinner three times!!! The bro tried other fine fare like sausage and mash!!!!

Of course there is also lots of Indian food on offer and plenty of vegetarian options that made Ma think our Auntie Hema would have loved it.

Each area of London has its own character and each it’s own open air market too selling fresh goods. It really is a conglomeration of small villages.

If you fancy something fancy you can’t beat Harrods food hall. Just look at those chocolates.

Oh and of course we cannot forget Nestle the company that pays Mas pension who with Nespresso had the very best window of all!

Blessing#1700-Sensational Selections

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