Wagging Tail – 216

Big words are not my thing. I work best with sit and stay. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand them though.

On Thursday when Ma woke up she said Thessalonika. Well yes of course! Let’s go!

I don’t know what she’d been dreaming about, vacations maybe, but she soon was reading a letter Saint Paul wrote some 2000 years ago to the dudes who lived there.

I listened. He was a good man that Paul. Very upright. He really cared for people and wanted to be close to them but he was stuck far far away.

The Thessalonians surfaced again today Ma told me when our Pastor Larry preached about this same letter of Paul

Even though it was written such a long time ago it’s very timely. It’s all about people who want to be together being separated. Encouragement from afar was what Paul was good at.

We can all do that Pastor Larry said so I thought I’d act on that and send you a little love as another Paul said. It’s all you need!

Blessing # 880 – Reinforced

Wagging Tail- 215

Happy Diwali everyone especially to my Indian relatives. We talked to my Uncle, Aunty and cousins in Mumbai earlier and will call New Jersey family soon.

I’m blessed to live in a multinational household. We start the annual eating season with Diwali, move on to Thanksgiving for yours truly, the only US citizen in the house, then Christmas for herself and finally Chinese New Year. It’s a non stop bonanza of frantic feasting.

My Dad has been working on today’s meal for days. I don’t know if it’s because of COVID or what but this year he is really pushing the boat out especially on the sweet front.

He even made me a special portion without spice all chopped up with love to go in my kibble this evening.

We have lit our little lights and are getting ready for a good tuck in. We’re having appetizers right now.

I’m happy and thankful and feeling very ready to celebrate and be with my family tonight.

Blessing # 879 – Party Time

Wagging Tail- 214

I’m excessively late because my secretary has been going non stop all day and is just now sitting with wine.

I’ve been chilling and playing with my Dad. He is so good to me and we snuggle up real good.

Ma has been panicking today because the temperatures are set to plummet tonight and she still has no heat. So she had to mobilize storage heaters from the general contractor and pray.

She went to work at the mall and when she got back at 9:00 she had an email that nearly drove her insane. The heating and cooling people had sent a revised quote that is, drum roll needed, FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS more than their original.

I know that now she won’t sleep so I decided to get some kip while I can.

She had to have British diversion so she is watching Graham Norton on play back. It’s boring except for Dolly Parton.

Blessing # 878 – Nine pm to Five am

Wagging Tail – 213

It’s as well as I have « Pinky » to keep me company because I was home alone most of the day.

Herself is all pumped up because her blue floor is just « perfect » and Dad is happy as a clam because Aaron came home and took him shopping for Indian food for Diwali that’s on Saturday.

To celebrate her flooring fantasticness she had to do a little shopping.

She found a beautiful hand painted tray and a plate with pink orchids that are perfect for her green room.

She also found a headboard that will one day be a sign for the business.

That wasn’t her idea though it was her new pal Paula’s. She’s smart!

Blessing # 877 – Makeovers

Wagging Tail- 212

Well the Blue Elephant that the bro ordered for me arrived today except it wasn’t what we expected.

They sent a PINK PIG instead. Now I’m not shy. After all only real men wear pink according to my bro but how can you confuse an elephant with a bacon bit?

It squeaks well and that is more credible for a pig than an elephant.

It’s a little less exotic though. I can hardly dream of the savanna and munch a pinky.

I’m happy though.

My empire of toys is building up and they are all arranged on my throne.

Never in the whole wild world has there been a happier puppy than me! That bro loves me to the moon and back!

Blessing # 875 – Porky Pie

Wagging Tail- 211

Today we heard the very good news that the Pfizer COVID vaccine is estimated to be 90% effective. Praise the Lord!

Something for all of us to smile at

Today Ma was glad she had another vaccine. Much longer established but none the less transformational. Tetanus toxin.

She shed blood today ripping up the gripping rods that had held the carpet for who knows how long.

Some were rusty and it was very dusty and she got punctured on multiple occasions.

She’s all smiles though because the job is a good one

She didn’t get to painting but the floor already looks so much better.

I licked her wounds and told her she now needs to relax and enjoy an evening chilling out with Dad and me!

Blessing # 874 – Vaccination

Wagging Tail- 210

This morning when we went to the park with Auntie Denise we saw a pair of woodpeckers. They were busy making holes in trees as you’d expect.

Ma has also been making holes in wood today. She took up the carpet as her “Buddies” recommended. That was easy! It took about an hour to lift it and the under felt but that’s when the real work started.

Far be it from me to put my nose into anyone’s business but that carpet was hiding a multitude of sins.

The under felt had been stapled to the wood floor with, she claims, at least two thousand stables!

Seems like an exaggeration to me but she is walking a bit funny tonight.

She’s nearly finished the staple pulling so is all fired up that tomorrow she can paint! I volunteered to come help her pull the rest out. I’m sure my teeth could handle it as well as her pliers but she says if a staple got in my tootsie it would be awful sore. She knows because her fingers are like pin cushions tonight.

So I’ll have to stay home again tomorrow. At least I have some company.

Blessing # 873 – Ripping Yarn

Wagging Tail- 209

After Church Ma took Dad to Goodwill for a little bargain hunting before going to work.

They were looking for teapots and found a small one ideal for a single serve. Of course herself could not leave it there. She also found a vintage chopping board with some soppy poem on it and just what we don’t need another chair.

It is so beautiful she says that it may never leave our home. For the moment Dad has banned it from entry as its all covered in cobwebs so it’s still in the garage.

After work she had to hit another store and snagged some more art. There will not be enough walls in this flipping tearoom to take all these treasures. They have now encroached on my living space. This is turning into the new Getty museum!

That’s not all though. If she gets a good sleep at night she can’t stop during the day. So when she got home she took me for a walk and discovered an old suitcase amongst a pile of rubbish at the kerbside of a house in our neighborhood. Since old suitcases have “value” she took it and we walked home with it in hand.

She was in hysterics laughing so much the tears were tripping her. She told me she was laughing at the idea of what people passing in cars must have thought. Has she finally left him?

Now here is the punch line! When we got home and opened that case just guess what we found!

Blessing # 872 – Originals

Wagging Tail – 208

This is a sad story with a happy ending.

Remember my Blue Elephant well it was claimed by another. Seems one of my girlfriends, the big yellow lab from across the street, dropped it in Karen’s yard.

Ma gave it back and I cried so much about loosing it that my bro has ordered an identical one for me on the internet.

It’s on its way but while I’m waiting I eyed a few other potential babies around the house. I liked the little monster but Ma said it has a metal bit in it that’s too dangerous for me to handle! Any excuse she just loves it for herself.

Anyway she caved in and gave me one that is deemed safe and that I’ll cuddle till my blue baby arrives.

I took it out in the car for a drive today as we did yard sales and you’ll never guess what we ended up buying!

A whole stack of collectible cuties.

I tried to get up close and personal with some that are particularly attractive but was told to back off.

Seems they are destined to sit in little chairs and take tea!

Has anyone got some medicine I can give this woman? No strong liquor though as she might get ideas about dressing me up too like these critters.

Blessing # 871– Toy Takeover

Wagging Tail- 207

Summer has returned to Ohio. It’s so warm and sunny that our favorite park beckoned us this morning.

We hadn’t been for several weeks as it’s too sloppy and slippery when it’s wet. When we got there not a sinner was in sight so Ma said I could go run on my own.

Freedom is a wonderful thing especially when the woods are full of creatures great and small.

We saw a fine herd of deer and I pointed out a lot of smaller game to Ma as her eyesight isn’t nearly as good as mine.

We also discovered where all the ducks are hiding out. They must make their nest for winter in this lovely spot.

Can’t blame them. I could hang around here myself and blend right in.

Blessing # 870 – Rustling