Wagging Tail-1040

We got a little bit of a surprise yesterday morning. It had snowed overnight. I stuck my nose out and declared it festive.

Ma I said « let’s pretend it’s Christmas again ». I was thinking maybe a fresh bone would be on the menu when Ma quickly replied « Your some pup Scoob that will be perfect for the Oscar Party »

She started digging in the freezer and my hopes rose.

Alas no. She pulled out some boring sliced Turkey breast saved from that gigantic bird she got on sale some time ago.

No bones alas but surely even the bro couldn’t eat that much stuffing. Everyone knows it’s not the Turkey that’s tasty it’s all the things that go with it.

Oh and what a party it was! An Oscar win for An Irish Goodbye. Made in Northern Ireland and starting James Martin the first ever Oscar winner with Down’s Syndrome!


Wagging Tail 1039

Precious Peeps it’s PITS publishing on perfecting perfection!

Rummage sale season started this weekend. What I hear you cry has this to do with perfection? Read on dear devotees.

See rummage sales drives Granny into a frenzy of happiness.

There is nothing she loves more than digging through other peoples junk except me of course.

She is usually on the hunt for tea pots but they’d all been snatched up at this particular event. Peeps are putting them to other uses these days.

Nonetheless, if she finds something tea related it still gives her good vibrations.

So it was that she stubbled on a book that brought joy to her heart and is suitable for the education of any Princess.

Such discoveries she says are destiny I’m definitely in agreement.

Blessing#1640-Fine Tuning

Wagging Tail-1038

Good people are born on March 10!

They include my Auntie Marsha who is super kind and loving, my girlfriend Chanel from Four Paws Resort and Spa who is the prettiest purplest puppy ever and Prince Edward the King’s youngest brother.

Well yesterday was an extra special March 10 because Auntie Marsha and Ma had tea together and because the King made Edward the new Duke of Edinburgh.

Previously he had been an Earl which meant his beautiful wife Sophie was known as a Countess although really she is a Princess because she is married to a Prince.

Now though she is a Royal Duchess which trumps a Princess in the royal hierarchy except if you happen to be Princess of Wales or the Princess Royal.

All this made Ma very happy and she had goosebumps and a little cry for joy because she said this pair are the epitome of goodness just like Auntie Marsha and my love Chanel.

This monarchy malarkey is complicated. That’s why I’m running for President and I’m convinced there will never have been a more stylish First Lady. Can a Queen be First Lady?

Blessing#1639-Rightful Rewards.

Wagging Tail-1037

So the Princess is sucking up to Mom pretending she’s so sweet leather couldn’t stick to her stomach.

Well let me tell you I am the one who appreciates Mom and gives her succor when she’s sad.

Like this week has been deadly slow at the tearoom so I had to console her with my sincerest softest snuggles.

Mom I whispered just breathe in the beauty all around as you go to and from the worthless workplace. Smell the spring in that first early daffodil and know it’s a sure sign of brighter days ahead.

Oh and most importantly know that all the loved ones are waiting so even if it’s not packed at the tearoom there’s still a full house of mouths to feed back at the ranch.

Blessing#1638-Welcoming Committee

Wagging Tail-1036

Precious Peeps it’s Pits. Just checking in on all of you beautiful gals to see if you had a good International Womens Day.

I helped Granny out with some deep cleaning as she’s does so much for me and her men. Really we women are not appreciated nearly enough.

She does all the shopping and most of the cooking and she takes us for our trots and tends to our tummies when we’ve got the runnies.

The least I can do is polish while she’s brewing up a storm!


Wagging Tail-1035

You can tell Ma is well rested and in a good mood when she does a certain household chore.

It takes her ages to psych herself up for it but there comes a point in time when the light shines in such a way it becomes an obligation.

She can hope against hope that it will rise so high that gravity will force it to fall off spontaneously but they have a name for that type of attitude in Scandinavia. Lazy!

Can you guess what it is?

It’s cleaning between the bannisters.

It is so stinking tedious. You have to do it with a wet cloth otherwise your just moving it around.

She was wondering if she were to put a little drop of honey or sprinkle a little sugar on the area might the monster lick it clean instead.

I said best not as she might chew up the carpet as well and that would be an expensive fix. Best let sleeping dogs lie!


Wagging Tail-1034

We were out for an extended morning trot yesterday when we happened on a MURDER!

What a racket. There must have been at least two times four and twenty black birds in that one tree.

We stopped and listened for a while to see if they’d take off or stop. No way, they just went on and on.

Now seems some people have the idea that a collection of these crow critters spells bad news but they gave me an idea.

I thought that to be heard you gotta be persistent.

So when our trusty Mr Adam came with his team to spring clean up our yard I mustered up madam and we got going.

Barked back and front for a full half hour we did. Dad almost had a seizure. Ma did scones

Wonder do crows get sore throats?

Blessing#1635-Audible Angst

Wagging Tail-1033

It was National Son’s Day on Saturday so of course Ma had to post a pick of me and the bro to be sure we knew we’re appreciated!

The one she posted she took herself and I must say it does show the love I share with the wise man from the East.

Heck we even dress alike.

My bro is very good to me. He rarely shouts and is extremely generous when it comes to the snacks.

On one occasions he made a monstrous mistakes bringing back bigmouth baby.

I’ve forgiven him for that long ago on the condition I’m never left out when it come to steak and bones.


Wagging Tail-1032

You know Dad is always reading well I’ve discovered why.

It’s a simple solution to avoid incarceration for murder of a Princess.

I’d try to do my best to help him by killing her myself but she’s so smart at squeezing under beds and furniture.

The tension rises and reaches a crescendo by Saturday evening and then subsides while Ma has her days off and does all the screaming at us instead.

What’s your trick for staying sane?

Blessing #1633-Bookworming

Wagging Tail-1031

Precious Peeps it’s Pits Perfect.

I know some of you were anxious thinking I might have gone walk about and been adopted by alternative humans but that was not me who appeared in the dog pound mug shots. I fully understand as Miss Magnolia does indeed bear a striking resemblance to my good self.

Perfection though has some subtle differences and of course I’m too smart to pitch this palace for any other lodging.

So I hear y’all ask what have you been up to? Well as spring is approaching I’ve been cleaning the sofa’s. They taste so good this time of year. Think it’s the fall out from the salt on the roads not to mention the snacks Granny eats each evening.

I’ve also been thinking seriously about taking up hunting. Yesterday there were no less than nine deer grazing in our back yard.

Can you imagine if I caught just one of them I’d have enough raw hide and jerky to keep me going for eternity.

Granny would have to get out the Mr Proper though as I’d no longer have the yearning to lick sofas. She doesn’t appreciate me and my natural enzyme solutions nearly enough.


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