BOOM- Bluegrass, and Battlefields

We sure covered a lot of ground on day one of our road trip and Aaron was a champion driving most of the way.

When he was resting I was able to tune in to country and it was so cool to be in the BLUEGRASS land where it all started too.

Whats your favorite country tune? Mine is Doug Stone’s Too Busy Being In Love.

As we visited the magical Look Out Mountain where the battle of Chattanooga was fought I thought of what must have gone through the minds of the men who climbed that mountain.

Surely they thought  of their loved ones and were distracted at least a little from their struggles by Being Too Busy Being in Love.

Blessing # 36 – Country in the Big Country


BOOM – Beacons


Aaron and I are off on a road trip leaving Dad and Dibs at home with the AC on full blast.

As it is fifty years since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated we are retracing his steps in honor and memory of his life and light.

We will cover Atlanta where he was born and grew up, Montgomery where he first became a full time pastor at the Dexter Baptist Church, Birmingham where the civil rights movement built momentum and finally Memphis where he was killed.

Blessing # 35– Sharing history with my son who loves it so much.

BOOM – Bloopers


Just finished a book at the pool so had to dig into the depths of the pool bag for the trusty tome Laugh Out Loud that lives there permanently from one pool season to another.

As if by magic, or maybe because it is the most read page, the book falls open at the Bloopers from the Church Bulletin section.

True to the promise it causes an immediate Laugh Out Loud.


Hope you can read some of these. If not then enjoy my favorite :-

In the bulletin during the ministers illness

“GOD IS GOOD Dr. Hargreaves is better!”

Blessing #34 – Typing Errors & Other Little Blunders

BOOM – Buy the Bottle!

Years ago in Northern Ireland and elsewhere also I’m sure, we women were fondly referred to as Birds.

I didn’t mind this at all. It was endearing and well meant.

When we had a party we would sometimes refer to this as a Bash!

Yesterday we had a great Bird Bash or if you prefer girls night out at the new Wine Cottage in our local town of Powell.

What a welcoming place, so lovely and such fun. We could bring our own dishes to share and the wines are great and so reasonably priced. No hesitation to buy the bottle!!!

If you live locally give this place a try it is awesome.

No matter where you live find your flock of fun loving pals and enjoy good times with each other.

Blessing # 33– Birds of a Feather Having Fun Together

BOOM – Busy Birds and Bees 🐝

On our patio there are two big brick planters that the former owners of the house left us and that sedum usually grew in.

But last year the sedum didn’t survive the very hard frost.

So this year in one planter I tried to grow tomatoes from seed and in the other peppers.

Well the tomatoes are doing great but the peppers have been overrun by some massive thing that either the birds or bees planted.

Anyone know what this is? It has a tiny purple flower.

There is also a little snap dragon growing in there that those busy birds or bees brought us too and some little peppers still surviving under the shade of the unknown giant.

Blessing # 32 – The surprises nature brings


BOOM – Bringing Back the Baubles

Having some more time on my hands than usual I was hit by mania on Monday and started to clear the garage.

Well as is normal I suppose when you start to sort out your mess things get worse before they get better.

All the junk piled against the walls had to be move to the middle to put some sense and order in the place.

It is not better yet but we can now fit an extra car in which will come in handy one of these days.

During the rampage many treasures were uncovered and a few mishaps occurred.

The funniest was yesterday when a whole bucket load of Christmas baubles took off down the driveway. It was a treasure hunt to herd them all home.

Throughout the endeavor I was reminded a few times of something I heard some months ago that in Aramaic the language spoken by Jesus the word PEACE and ORDER are the same.

So when Jesus said Peace be with you he was also hoping you would find Order.

I don’t know if this is true, maybe one of you can comment, but it sure was reassuring in the 95+ heat

Blessing #31 –  Finding Order


BOOM – Battle Hymn and Banner


The National Anthem of the United States gives me goose bumps.

So too does the Battle Hymn of the Republic

They are both such  powerful poems with great stories on how they were conceived.

Both have old English tunes to sing along with  too but one is so much easier than the other.

Do you know all the words?

Do you sing these songs with gusto?

What is your favorite verse?

Blessing # 30 – His truth is marching on!

BOOM – Bucketing


As they’d say in Ireland it is “bucketing” right now.

When it has been 95 all day with a heat index over 100 it sure is refreshing though when it starts to pour.

It feels so good and it smells good too.

Best of all there is no need to water tonight and if it keeps up maybe not tomorrow either.

Blessing # 29 – A good downpour just when you need it



Today Dibley had his annual check up at Riverside Animal Hospital.

Thankfully for a middle aged gent Dibs is doing really well.

His little heart murmur is not getting any worse. This is thanks to early diagnosis at last years physical and immediate treatment by the great Dr McGuffin.

While Dibs was getting his own blood work done and being sassy as usual I noticed that the hospital was looking for doggie blood donations.

Our hospital has a blood bank used for The Greyhound Health Initiative. This helps rescued Greyhounds who often are not treated so well when they stop racing.

Isn’t it wonderful what veterinarians do for our pets and also for all those animals in need?

They are so smart and so gracious with their time and efforts in helping all our furry friends.

Blessing # 28 – Those who care for All Creatures Great and Small

BOOM – Battlefront

sunset sun horizon priroda
Photo by Pixabay on

This day 102 years ago the dreadful and most horrible Battle of the Somme began close to Amiens in Picardie Norhern France.

Many young men at that battle came from Northern Ireland including both my grandfathers.

There were so many others there too from across the UK and France and of course from Germany.

All of those precious young people did what they were ordered to do. They fought a war.

Tens of thousands died and not one single one of them would ever forget that horror.

Let us remember all of them and their  sacrifice and commit to doing all we can to keep peace and  to restore it where it has been lost.

Blessing # 27 – Peace