Wagging Tail-762

Being a creature of great culture and refinement I am partial to a snippet of Shakespeare now a then.

Hence it was with great irony that I was awakened from my slumbers just now by my Mater musing over the great man’s words.

Cousin Krishna who is also an aficionado of the artist sent this to us overnight.

It shocked me how many of these sayings I could apply to a certain personage who slumbers yet and who is particularly gifted at setting my teeth on edge.

Each day I fear she more closely resembles a shrew. Alas she will not be tamed and invokes in me the desire to fight fire with fire.

As Midsummer Night approaches I so wish she would vanish into thin air.

Alas that may be just a dream. The be all and end all of this is that I am in a pickle and it may take several parts before she is well and truly dead as a door nail.

Blessing#1363-The Bard

Wagging Tail-761

Yesterday was best friends day. Ma has had the same one since she was born. That’s my Auntie Carol.

I know who is definitely not mine.

Her latest claim to fame is weather forecasting.

Last night around seven she started staring out the back window.

She got a little anxious with a little yelping noise.

Almost immediately thereafter a huge siren from Mom’s phone went off. It signals tornadoes.

We turned on the news and Dave Mazza our favorite forecaster and all his team were in the studio. That always means things are serious.

Twisters we’re coming our way.

I contemplated whether I should get Ma to put Nala on the patio to be sucked up like that dog in the Wizard of Oz. Would be a great way to get rid of her. She’d land a state or two away with any luck.

After about an hour the warning was lifted for us. Missed my chance to loose her!

This morning though we found out it had struck big in Ohio hitting a major distribution center for our Meijer supermarket chain. All the big semi trucks were tossed around like toys.

Fortunately thanks to all the good work of the forecasters no one was killed. It shows though the power of these storms and how we always must listen to our best friends on TV.

Blessing #1362-Meteorologists

Wagging Tail-760

Yesterday we had some friends from Switzerland come to visit. It was the first time we’d had guests inside the house since the beast arrived.

She had to be confined to her quarters as she was jumping all over the poor people.

They could only stay a short while but Mom decided to pull out her best China and serve them tea. She has been influenced greatly by her Majesty and Paddington!

That China hasn’t been out of the cupboard since it was moved from Ireland!! Ma is turning over a new leaf (clever people may get the pun) and starting to use things. She says if they break they break.

I decided since bears can join tea parties so can I.

It was great! Auntie Dolo gave me a mini cupcake. I like her a lot and hope she comes back. She’s desperate for a puppy. Maybe I’ll emigrate and escape the terror.

We’ll have to have to keep practicing polite parties.


Wagging Tail-759

The monsoon is back so we had to get our steps in between downpours.

I had just time to get a quick pee in first thing before the heavens opened. While we waited for the rain to end Ma got busy.

Poor Dad was ordered to sit in the middle of the bathroom so she could cut his hair.

He has no choice in these matters. When Ma commands he must obey.

That done and the beauty parlor vibe still in full swing she took to her toes.

They got gelled but when Jaws woke up she stepped on them so they are messed up and smudgy. She got scolded and I smirked. How I love it when she gets in trouble. Makes me feel so good.

We then did our trot.

We met Remington who is Mega’s key love interest. As always she tried to slobber all over his face so I had to take her in hand.

The « thing » is stupid though as she is now having a go at me.

I managed to momentarily exhaust her. She is doing her I would like a massage pose. It won’t last long!

Don’t you think she’d look good on a barbecue?

One of these days you’ll read an obituary.

Blessing#1379-Spa Day!

Wagging Tail-758

We’re a bit late on the banter because Ma has been rushing all day and got so exhausted we had to have a nap.

It lasted a little longer than planned.

The cause of the fatigue is two fold.

First, something we were thrilled to come upon, the second something as rare to uncover as gold dust.

Last evening, dinner over and a glass of wine in hand, Ma hit on the Jubilee Concert available in its entirety to watch on ABC TV. She was ecstatic.

We had a great singalong with Rod Stewart and enjoyed every moment but especially Andrea Bocelli and Celeste.

We got to bed a little late, even the Princess was read for her pit, but it was well worth it.

Today Ma had to go on the hunt for Corn Starch. Is there anything more mundane?

Well let me tell you, either everyone in Central Ohio has taken to baking or this white powder is being diverted into another more lucrative outlet than the grocery shelf.

Anyone else had trouble finding it.

Mom’s theory is that the price of oil has made biofuel interesting again and it’s being used to make jet fuel instead of for cooking.

Anyway she got some and then had to get all her baking done. Good news is we are safe on shortbread supply for a week or two.


Wagging Tail-757

Greeting passionate public it’s your very own Princess PIT!

I’ve reinstated the prefix as I’m now convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that I’m of Royal blood.

The past days have been filled with celebrations at the palace and at the tearoom.

I was forced to commune with the Gizz as Granny was having her Garden Party. Here’s just some of the hats including Auntie Paula’s that’s by far the best.

Meanwhile, one of my relatives took tea with the Queen while.

Ma brought flowers and treats home.

Alas the treats were all bite sized morsels unlike that sandwich the Queen keeps in her purse!

She must have eaten it as she was sufficiently fortified to make a public appearance just now.

Granny celebrated by eating a plateful of turnips.

Man that stuff stinks.

I wouldn’t waste a wink begging for that!

Left it to the Gizz. He’s such an old lick.

I’ll stick with the Queen and the Bear and their marmalade sandwiches.

Do you think I’d get on with Corgis?


Wagging Tail-756

First, apologies for the mix up with our numbering system. Did you think you were in a time warp?

It’s no excuse but we are getting a little anxious about Memorial.

She has not made a reappearance since Monday. A bit like the Queen. We’re worried about her Majesty too. Prince Charles looked very tense yesterday don’t you think?

Maybe Memorial has a little nursery in the woods and her Mom is tending to her there but we would appreciate just seeing her for a moment.

I’m checking back and front. We’d even sacrifice the sedum to see her little face again.

Ma nearly had a seizure yesterday when she read the local neighborhood feed.

Mercifully when we opened up for details we were relieved to read this incident was several miles away.

Hoping today brings both gals back in the picture.

Blessing#1357-Low Profiles

Wagging Tail-755

There are days when I’m glad to have Jaws around for company. She can be entertaining but don’t tell her or she’ll get more puffed up.

When Ma leaves at 9:00 and doesn’t come home till 6:00 it can be a bit boring with Dad.

While it might look like it she hasn’t found a new man.

She says she’s networking for the good of her business.

Yesterday she went with Auntie Paula to the chamber of commerce ribbon cutting for the Mary Ellen Withrop room at the Marion Historical Society.

There was a great turnout and the famous lady was there being as gracious as every. She’d donated a lot of great treasures including her inauguration outfit.

This building also houses the popcorn museum which is really cool. She got some fresh made but ate it all. Never thinks of me my Ma!

If you live local you should visit and then come see Ma for tea. See she’s teaching me that at every occasion you got to market your magic!

The day before Ma was preaching at the Marion Womens Club about the history and health benefits of tea.

I’m thinking of taking to drinking it myself.

Could be quite refreshing after a round in the ring with PITS.


Wagging Tail-754

As you can imagine we were up early to see the start of the weekend’s festivities to honor our Queen.

Her Majesty looked absolutely beautiful as she came to the balcony of the palace to see her troops. It was such a good decision to have her cousin The Duke of Kent accompany her.

Hope you who watched also took note that at the trooping of the color my cousin Seamus was out front as the head honcho of the Irish Guards.

Now I admit he is slightly taller than myself but we have that same noble look.

You can see without doubt we are of the same lineage. s

I stood to attention too when I saw the Queen and did you notice that future King George was watching.

His sister Charlotte looks so like her great Grandma another mini-me moment.

Blessing#1375-Blood Lines

Wagging Tail-753

Do you ever wish you were able to be somewhere but you know you can’t.

At this minute Ma has a great hankering to be in London.

There is so much excitement going on about the Queen’s Jubilee.

Millions of people are making little versions of the Monarch in her different outfits. Some must be dog lovers as more than a few corgis have been knitted too.

I’m not into needle work but believe some Pitty’s might be. They are all nuts that breed.

We’re planning a little event at the Tearoom and for this Ma was practicing making jam pennies yesterday.

They are the Queen’s favorite and she wants to get them right.

I helped her with quality control as always and then had a siesta while Ma watched the new documentary called the Unseen Queen on YouTube.

From what I saw between shut eyes those Royals really love their puppies.

No wonder her Majesty has had such a long life and still looks so beautiful and happy.

Blessing#1374-Making the Most of It

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