Wagging Tail-920

Do you ever wake up and your tummy is rumbling.

Mine was making so much noise just now I thought there was a cat under the bed.

So I jumped down and had a peak.

No it was just myself.

As Ma was intent on reading her feed as she is always hungry for news I tried to catch an extra forty winks.

When you’re hungry though it’s hard to sleep.

So I jumped back into bed and smacked her one on the lips.

She got the message so off now for some crunchies.

I didn’t eat much dinner yesterday just wasn’t feeling like it. Must always remember that not everyone gets two square meals a day and has the chance to choose when I write my manifesto.


Wagging Tail-919

The PIT is trying to usurp my position as the primary pup in this palace.

She has taken my place at the lookout.

She has established herself on my seat of power.

This cannot be tolerated as it may give the impression of weakness to my populous.

So I was force to rebound with a full on attack on the veggie chips and chase her off back to the sofa.

I don’t know what has come over the bro that he brought those things home. Part of my manifesto must be to appeal to the vegan element I suppose but I’d take a good old potato LAYS over those things anytime.

Maybe he’s intent on living for ever like that dog on Facebook whose now 140 in human years.

Since there are so many ancients around these days I suppose I need to capture their appeal also. Wonder what I’d look like at that age.

Anyway back to the campaign for now.


Wagging Tail-918

Greetings passionate Peeps I’m a tad mad.

So the Great Gizz thinks he can ship me off to the palace in exchange for a Jack Russell. Dream on Scoobs I’m like Kongs and Nalas I’m here to stay!

Mind you at the Palace they probably have indoor exercise rooms for their pups to use when it’s pouring.

I hate rain and it was constant yesterday. It makes me feel so cold. Dogs in the UK are used to it I hear. Take Stella she’s my Granny’s school pal Linda’s girl. When it’s wet she watches the vet on TV.

The Gizz says that when it’s raining Granny always wears her old stinky waxed cotton coat to go out and its got treats in the pocket so I should chin up and walk on.

Thanks but no thanks I’m a girl made for paradise where it rains when your fast asleep and where the sun always shines even when it’s setting.


Wagging Tail-917

Just when I was feeling happy that these mid term elections were over I got this horrible sinking feeling that this signals the start of something worse. The gloves are off in the fight for 2024. Add to this the start of the new season of The Crown and I could feel downright gloomy.

Fear not dear devotees I have a plan in place. I sent out a few fliers and began canvassing among my local community and it has been unanimously agreed that I should run for President.

It’s been a long time since a bearded wonder held the position and none of them come close to me in that regard.

My mission will be to ensure equality for all intelligent life on this planet.

I will fund this by reunification of the United States with the United Kingdom. The money saved on export and import tax will be enough to feed everyone for the next millennium.

In addition to being Prime Minister I will also take over the position of King and buy stock in Netflix.

The price is very good at present since the new series of the Crown is rater lack luster but they’ll now be forced to make season seven so I should have good capital gain.

I’ll sell the fine art of the reunified countries to Elon since he’d buy anything for the sake of humanity. Come to think of it he’d probably also take the crown jewels for a few trillion which should wipe him totally out of business.

As my running mate I will take Beth the Queens rescue whom I quite fancy.

This will show I’m open to diversify of sorts and quite sympathetic to the fact the ex monarchs will need a nice kennel. They can stay in the palace and I’ll ship them a Pitty Princess in exchange.

Beth and I will take the White House to show how modest we really are.

Are you in? Can I count on your vote?


Wagging Tail-916

This autumn has been magnificent. Beautiful sunrises and warm sunny days for the most part.

Knowing what is coming can sometimes be a benefit too.

It’s been great for me and Mega because Ma and the morning marchers go further these days “because this warm weather won’t last much longer”

It also means our trusty little snapdragons are still in full bloom all around the yard.

The patch just outside the garage door is particularly robust perhaps because a certain Princess sprays it with nitrogen most mornings!

This testament to tropical temperatures will also inevitably be nipped in the bud in the days ahead.

So while the going is good we decided to harvest another bouquet and remind ourselves that all the sunshine we have had brought us already weeks closer to spring.


Wagging Tail-915

When we were out for our trot on Monday my mate Remington’s Mom remarked “you’re getting a little shaggy Scooby”.

That was it. As soon as we got back Ma gets the bro, who was in the middle of breakfasting, to hold me and grabs the scissors.

I didn’t even bother snarling because I know when she gets something into her head it’s going to get done. I escaped under the table though when she went for my paws.

The Princess was perplexed. Thought we’d brought her a puppy or some new fangled snack when she saw the output. That is the one advantage of being a Pit you don’t grow curls.

Ma chopped all around my eyes and the top of my head right down to my collar which left quite a pile.

She left me with a cool dude beard. It’s sorta like a reverse mullet.

So happy was she with her efforts that she decided she’d go for the chop too so off she went to Great Clips.

It looks like she told them to give her a radical Pixie as she’s now got less hair than the Pitty Princess.

We’ll both have much better perspective on life for a few weeks at least since we’ll definitely be able to see where we’re going!


Wagging Tail-914

We are so stinking excited we can’t speak.

Thanks to the time change we woke up at 4:30. We tried to get back into a nice dream but nothing doing.

So at 5:00 Ma goes and gets her phone. It sleeps in the living room.

She then pulls up the window blinds and stands gazing out at the heavens!

Look look Scooby she says it’s happening.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d get such a perfect view of a lunar eclipse.

From the comfort of our very own bedroom smack bang in front of us we saw it all.

Now here is the funny thing. The darker it got like the more eclipsed it was the better the pictures turned out.

Suddenly the moon was pink!

The pics are pretty pathetic but team we saw it.

Now while we’re waiting for the reverse to happen we’re writing this epistle to you and feeling so happy!


Wagging Tail-913

Long long long ago when Granny was about my age she went to the Windsor Cinema on the Donegall Road in Belfast one Saturday afternoon with great Auntie Carol to see a movie.

It was a Disney movie but it scared the bejebers out of both gals because it had a barmy banshee.

Recently in our Facebook feed we’ve been getting a promotional about a new movie featuring, you guessed it, banshees. Do you think “the algorithm” knows Granny went to see Darby or do you think it’s just a coincidence?

What I hear you ask is a Banshee? I confess I had the same question myself. Well I’ve been told within Irish folklore it is the harbinger of death!

On foggy mornings like the ones we had last week you could just imagine it creeping around and jumping out on you.

Looks a bit like the Gizz all old and ugly and grey if you ask me.

He’s no good at howling though that’s my forte maybe I’ll give Granny a little free fright next time we have a pea souper.

Blessing#1514-Ghouls and Giggles

Wagging Tail-912

Passionate Peeps it is your very own Princess here. Have you missed me?

I know you heard of my exploits with Consuela well go figure fans there is but one Princess in this Palace and that’s me.

Her death was a God send as it brought me KONG. He is both tough and tender as all Princely sorts should be.

I just love wrapping my lips around him and in the past twenty four hours he has become just a little flaky due to my continuing embraces.

Gives that old Woofder Scooby the time to cuddle up with his Scottie.

What an absolutely amateur he is. Soft toys at his age. An embarrassment to our species.


Wagging Tail-911

This is a very appropriate number for my post today because I have been rescued.

Auntie Marsha responded to my calls for help and sent a KONG for Jaws.

She said it was definitely indestructible and had been road tested on Libby her Great Dane.

I am beyond ecstatic to report that after thirty six hours of near on constant attack and on close inspection Kong is still King.

Not a smidgen of substance has been removed from his body. The house is filled with a delightful rasping that signals peace on earth and good will to all men.

I am in heaven but giving it a few more days before putting Scottie anywhere near Mega just in case.


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