Wagging Tail – 174

Ma was feeling all nostalgic this morning. We were watching the news and a new Cambell Soup commercial came on.

It has a song that dates back to 1959.

It must have been one of her Moms favorites because she had a little tear in her eye when she heard it. She was also swooning over this guy!

She whispered to me that her Mom would sing that song to her and of course she had to sing it to me too. Yawn! Put me right back to sleep.

The bro’s home so when he surfaced he got an earful too.

By then it was time to go out.

Thank heavens the woman just cannot sing.

Blessing # 836 – Good Tunes

Wagging Tail – 173

You gotta hope that it’s only once in a blue moon that your house gets hit with lightening.

The strike is teaching us a lot of things. By the time this is all over we’ll have had taken a full electronics 101 course.

Today’s lesson is that even if a light comes on it doesn’t mean that a TV will transmit a signal.

The initial assessment of our basement TV problem was that we’d have to change the cable. Well today when the cable people came again to get us back in business it seems after digging deeper it’s not the cable at all. It’s some circuit in the TV!

Now we have to go back to insurance and explain all this.

Just as well it’s Friday. Ma can deal with most things on this day of the week.

I’ve got everything in hand.

I’m demonstrating great patience and understand why she’s a bit edgy. So I’m just going to sit and chill till she banters for me and then take her out for some fresh air.

Blessing # 835 – Illumination

Wagging Tail 172

The full moon woke us early. It was so big and bright.

Just as it should be for this special day for Chinese people like my bro. It’s the Moon Festival when everyone eats Moon Cakes.

I’d eat anything you give me Chinese or not especially when I’m feeling wolffish!

We got started on the trot soon after dawn as we’d been up since 5:30. It was really cold. Great for me as that chill in the air makes me feel Friskier than ever.

When we got back we did some chores and and a few errands and then it was time to go get my flu booster at the docs.

They sure are sweet and give me lots of treats if I’m brave which of course I am!

Brave and clever too. The noises in there were a bit freaky today.

I got right outta that place! Even if it means taking the drivers seat myself!

Blessing # 834 – One Shot Stop

Wagging Tail – 171

As you know my Ma has been dancing almost daily for years. She’s also been lifting weights and having a generally wonderful time with her pals at“The Country Club” gym and pool!

Covid closedown taught her one very important thing though. The exercise she loves more than any other is walking with me!

With the project she was spending less and less time at the gym and had to make a choice between gym or long walks!

She choose me.

So since today is her last day as a member of the club I decided I’d show her that she took the right decision.

Even though her appointment at the project got postponed till next week I decided, as her new personal trainer, to get her going early with a bit of tennis.

After that we did a bit of speed walking around the trails and when we came home we stretched.

We’re not done yet though. I have plans for some step work this afternoon and maybe another set!

I’m kinda chuffed about this new responsibility I’ve been given. Even google is nodding their approval!

She is after all my Love All!

Blessing # 833 – New Game

Wagging Tail – 170

This morning my Mom’s cousin Barbara posted something that we thought was so true and important we just had to share with you.

This is a rule Mom and I practice. It makes us happy.

As soon as Ma gets out of bed we have a great big hug and roll around on the carpet.

It’s like a good breakfast it really sets you up for all that lies ahead.

Ending the day with a hug is also highly recommended.

Science shows snuggles between a human and a pooch is better than any nightcap or hot water bottle!

In between the bed-ends though there are many other things we can do to keep each other happy.

Walking together of course is right up there, kind words or a little laugh go down well and I’d take a belly tickle too!

But if you really want to show me just how much you care and keep me zen hit me with the rawhide.

Blessing # 832 – Chewables

Wagging Tail – 169

When I’m left alone there is only so much sleep I can take.

So I watch out the windows.

When that gets boring I mope

and when that gets too sad I sleep some more.

That’s why when my humans return I’m ready for action and jump all over them.

Such was the case today When Ma went to the project and Pa went shopping.

It would seem some progress is being made albeit a lot slower than her majesty would wish. Things are arriving and the first job is complete.

She’s testing out paint colors on walls and floors and playing around with chairs to see how many she can fit.

There will be no knighthoods given though unless someone can pull a fast one and get the drawings done and permits pulled out of the state in record time.

It’s all so much paper. I’d really rather paint or pose!

Blessing # 831 – Modeling

Wagging Tail – 168

This morning my beloved Auntie Lori gave Ma a beautiful gift. It underlines something she has heard my Ma say almost ever day that we go walking together.

I totally endorse the opinion and know this will feature prominently in our kitchen or on the wall at the project.

This afternoon I was left cooking with Dad as the bro and Ma went to an auction. They weren’t away too long as the bro got bored.

Still it was a successful trip. The first table for the tea-room was purchased for an unbelievable sum of $2 and a few extra little treasure that were on top of it found their way home for 100 cents!

An old mirror got dissected and was given a makeover. We really need some different color paint. It looks good though on the rétro table!

A very old baptismal record in a very old frame got a good dusting down and cleaning.

If anyone is of the Kochler clan from Sandusky Ohio contact us to meet your ancestor William Henry born June 1881 and Baptized December 3rd.

Finally, since we are nothing if not eclectic we now have also a music score featuring Rita Hayworth.

Which Ma says kinda takes us back to the start of the day!

Who else could this be for in her heart but little old me!

Blessing # 830 – Mummy’s Boy

Wagging Tail- 167

Feels like summer is back in full force. Tad toasty today.

This morning I though Ma was never going to take me out. She started cleaning. That’s a rare event but when the force strikes her she moves from one place to another like a tornado.

Finally she was ready to go when she noticed a plate holder had no plate. That had to be sorted swiftly. So she dug into her Autumn collection and took out a pretty one Auntie Laura bought her some years ago.

It’s framed by her Granny Barr’s twin China dogs so she had to send a pic of it to Laura to show how well it looked.

This got her thinking of her Granny so when we were out that’s what she was doing as we walked and walked and walked some more.

All of a sudden she stops dead and says « that’s it at last I’ve got it, you remind me of Nora ». Well thanks Ma that’s a real complement! A butch guy like me looks like a gal!

As soon as we got home she digs in this really old photo album. Seems as a little girl her Daddy bought her a dog to push so she could practice walking.

The dog name well what else but Nora. It is everywhere in early pics of herself and her parents and here is the connection with her Granny Barr too!

OK I do see a slight resemblance!

It didn’t end there though. It wouldn’t be the weekend if we didn’t rummage. Believe it or not we found a twin for the doggie door stop she found a few weeks ago only this one is meant for the smallest room!

Three sets of twins in one morning can only spell one thing! Snap!

Blessing # 829 – Dogs Days

Wagging Tail- 166

Sometimes you need a little lift. I got one in more ways than one as the bro came home for the weekend.

Ma got one too. She hadn’t seen Auntie Denise for a week or so because Denise had hurt her foot and couldn’t walk with us. She is feeling much better now and stopped by to say hello.

She is right up there on my list of extra special loving humans. So I made sure she knew it

She brought us a super duper bunch of flowers so we’re all bright and beautiful for a lovely weekend.

Blessing # 828 – Surprises and Visits.

Wagging Tail – 165

Ma ran out of her usual breakfast cereal so she had to go back to porridge. Heaven help me she better go shopping soon.

That stuff is potent. It gave her all this energy and she took it out on me.

She doesn’t realize my poor feet suffer on those gravel paths. I thought this one would never end.

We went back in time passing ancient prehistoric earthworks and also climbed to the top of a burial mound that dates back thousands of years. It was built by the Adena tribe.

We got to thinking about all the people and puppies who walked this Cayote Trail. Wonder what they were fueled with? Probably one of those fish and egg regimes.

Just imagine though the footprints they left behind. A tad deeper than those I left in our car!

It’s enough to give you an appetite even for something as stodgy as oats!

Blessing # 827 – Ancient Ways