Wagging Tail – 96

It’s scorching hot here. The greens at the Memorial Golf Tournament are like straw and so is our yard.


Ma and I got out early before the sun broke through the clouds so we weren’t feeling too bad. Just now though we did a mile and we are both exhausted. I had to take to the tile to cool off.

We heard from Al Roker the world famous weather man this morning that in the USA 54 Million people are under a heat advisory. Go figure the number of puppies concerned. In Central Ohio we are already at the fourth hottest summer on record and we are only half way through July.

You would think the sun is coming closer but it’s not. A camera got a little closer to it though and some new pictures were sent back to show us what it’s like.

Looks so beautiful and special my Ma says it’s just like my curls. Well y’all know I am her sunshine!

Blessing # 760 – Fireballs

Wagging Tail – 94

Dad went out with the bro today to get a few things at the store. When they came back the bro left immediately. Mum and I were sitting in the living room eating lunch and watching TV when Dad called from the kitchen saying he’d got something for Ma.

I could sense her mind ticking over. Was it a plant, a bunch of flowers, her favorite OUD scented  candle? There was a nice little smirk on her face.


So we went to the kitchen and there on the bench we found it! The gift! Four boxes of sardines! Well the « oh thank you » was less than convincing I can tell you!


So this afternoon just to please her I took her into town for a little scurry around the boutiques. Of course we’re limited to looking at the windows but thats OK. Dreaming is as good as getting!

Now this may seem like an unlikely spot to encounter wildlife but trust me downtown Powell is a special little spot.


We nearly took out a deer and then on our circuit round the village green we saw a beaver as big as myself. If Ma had let me go I’d have snagged her the makings of a good hat but she didn’t.

Further round and feeling hot and slow we both nearly fainted. As we passed a trash can with one of those flappy lids what flew out at us but a big fat squirrel. No doubt a few takeaway leftovers had found their way in there.

Never a dull moment even when all you want to do is shopping.

Blessing # 759 – Small Town Safari

Wagging Tail – 93

We furry ones are fortunate in that we don’t need to choose what we’ll wear each morning.


We just stretch and go! Before I get out of bed I put by legs straight up in the air and point my toes. Ma says there must be a yoga name for this but she doesn’t know it.

While I’m listening to her crunching through her breakfast I general lie on my back with belly up for a tickle. You can’t beat a tickle to freshen up the fur and get the day started.

Thats all I need!

Humans take so much longer to get ready. They need to bathe and then put on their clothes. In summer Ma usually wears shorts and a swim suit but since she has a wardrobe full of skirts she’s decided to wear them this week. She’s been watching her fashion guru again and bright is the buzz.


This may seem simple but it’s not as she has to matchy match everything.

I thought she’d never find something to go with this orange Carmen Miranda costume she pulled out of the cupboard this morning but she managed.

It also is a perfect match for her nose and one of our favorite snacks. Cheese Puffs!

We can’t be beaten when it comes to teamwork my Ma and me!

Blessing # 758 – Skirts and Snacks

Wagging Tail – 92

Mom and I take care of our plants early before the sun gets too intense.

It’s a great time of day because it’s just us so we chat and take in the progress of all the little ones. Ma says she feels a bit like Eve in the Garden of Eden before the snake came. «
In the Cool of the Day »

Wonder did Adam and Eve have a dog? He wasn’t too smart if they did or he’d have smacked or swallowed that slitherer.

Anyway I digress! So the deal this morning was that we discovered some of our little rogue plants had flowered. They are quite literally growing out of the wall.

We’ve had quite a few little pop ups this year including two little tomatoes that we didn’t plant.

They are all doing well. Even those that fell on stony ground can be rescued with water, warmth and of course all that love I give them.

Blessing # 757 – Sunny Surprises

Wagging Tail – 91

Today the bro was off work so there was no alarm. I tried to get Ma up on time for gym but she wouldn’t listen. The result? All day she has been running late. This makes her like a mad hatter or is it the white rabbit? I don’t know or care for that matter. It can’t be much of a wonderland anyway if there are no dogs in it!

So she was all fussy and rushy rushy as though she’d taken some stimulant. It was « hurry up Scooby » then  « hurry up Aaron«  and finally she hit on poor old Dad «  oh for goodness sake will you hurry up ». Poor man always gets the brunt of it.


Since she was busy this afternoon the bro decided we men folk better get out of the way and leave her to it so we went to view the bro’s new lodging where he’ll be when he starts college. He’s in a dorm with three other lads. That will be a smelly extravaganza I’m sure so I’m hoping they’ll invite me over.

When we got back Ma was still out so I just hung around watching for her while Dad cooked roast chicken. I had to leave the kitchen as it was smelling so good I may have caused a saliva skid.

We can’t eat it until she has typed what I recant to you so she is still rushing.

That’s it folks! Tasty to the table!

Blessing # 756 – Fowl Play


Wagging Tail – 90

Mom was working this afternoon and so we went out early for our big walk. It was so cool compared to these past days so we got all our steps in before ten o’clock without any panting. I was glad because I was really quite tired from my exertions of yesterday.

Before she left for work at 12:15 she took me down to the end of our street for a pee. Two of my best friends Josie and Georgia live there. They are Cockapoo sisters and are both in love with me. Of course I play it cool but they chase me around like crazy.

They are one year old so just teenagers not nearly as mature as myself! Today their humans invited me into their big back yard to run around for ten minutes. Two days of freedom in a row is too good to be true.


When we came home I helped Mom wolf down her lunch which was a delicious cheese souffle that the bro had brought from work.

He also bought her some custom made masks that came all the way from Ireland. She had me help her choose one for work today. I gave my seal of approval to Ulster.


It sure is ironic that our humans have to wear the muzzles these days but if it keeps them safe I’m all for it. Just as long as I’m free.

Blessing # 755 – Masking a Statement



Wagging Tail – 89


This day will go down in Scooby history as momentous. If you were Van Morrison you’d write a song about it!

I just cannot contain my excitement.

Early this afternoon my Ma said let’s go car. I was out in a flash. We took off and took the route to the beach. EXCEPT this time we stopped not at the human beach but at the doggie one!

You have never in your life seen such a place. It is doggie paradise.

I was a bit hesitant at first to get in the water. I watched the other dogs and played with them on the sand but that water was new to me.


There were boats going up and down the lake so that made waves which kinda freaked me out. Plus I’d never been swimming in this much water before. So what did Ma do? She got in with me.

Once she did that I got my confidence and soon I was doggie paddling like the best of them.

Of course Ma had to put her phone to the side so it wouldn’t get wet so you can’t see us both in the water but we had fun.


When we got out we were both soaked of course so we then went to the big dog park to dry off.

Oh that place is amazing you can run round in circles like a crazy canine and play with lots of other four pawed persons.


I even met a cute little lady and we chilled together. Don’t tell my girlfriend! It’s just a little summer romance!!!

Blessing # 754 – Days Like This

Wagging Tail – 88

When the clouds roll in and your Ma gets thrown out of the pool because of thunder and lightning you can be sure you’ll have a good afternoon vegging together.

It’s clear  a parent is obsessed with you when she sees your image in the clouds. They have tablets for people like that. Next thing you know she’ll be painting me.

We saw that a new little store has open in town where you go with girlfriends to drink wine and paint. She is planning now for fall.

There is also a cooking school just  round the corner. She does her best to russle up something most days and of course I assist. Some lessons might be better for all of us than taking up the brush. Extend her repertoire to include more steak and less onions!

Could even stretch to a kiss for that!

Blessing # 753 – Meat Matters

Wagging Tail – 87

There is a small room in our basement that my Mom has claimed as her own. She has it set up as a place to escape to but never uses it. Don’t ask me why!

It lies between the big room where the bro plays his war games and where we all go when there is a tornado warning and the boiler and AC unit where we hope we never need to go or else we’re in trouble.

In her own little place Ma stores her stash of books that she collects all year round for the pool season.

Any book that is part of her read again or ready reference is also stored her. This way they don’t get mixed up with Dad’s massive store.

This week she completed her fourth book of the summer The Handmaid’s Tale, which is scary given the current climate, and so we went in search of the fifth.

There is some process to the selection that includes the length of chapters, the size of print and the thickness of the tome and of course the draw of the outline.

I helped her choose this time and we homed in on The Bridges of Madison County.

As always there is method in my madness. I’m hoping it will inspire her to take us on a tour of the covered bridges of Ohio. Picnic plans speak so sweetly to me!

Blessing # 752 – Texts and Treats

Wagging Tail – 86

The bro has his days off today and tomorrow so we got to hang out and then go out.

Usually it’s Dad and me together in the morning but it’s more fun when the bro’s about. He plays rough whereas Dad just plays ball.

Ma was in a bit of a mood this morning as the storm had wrecked her front garden.


She cheered up though when she salvaged a wee bunch and the bro arranged for her car service.

We drove out in convoy to the garage and then all piled into one car for a little road trip.

The bro had spotted a Mini car when the two of us were out cruising at the weekend. He thought we should look at it as it’s Mum’s favorite car in the whole wide world. When we got to the dealership it was sold. They have another though that looks good but the dealer said he had to inspect it as it’s leaking oil. Hardly auspicious!

After that we took the country roads home and I did some back seat driving. The bro was at the wheel and when he drives it’s always more exciting than with you know who. Herself never burns an orange or does anything on two wheels she just plods along. With the bro it feels more like a ride on a roller coaster. Spells vacation to me even if it’s just for an afternoon!

Blessing # 751 – Family Time