Wagging Tail- 197

I’m deeply disappointed that my mother is planning to promote OUR business with a card that features a teapot rather than me.

Look I get it she is selling an experience but I’ll be part of that. People better get used to the fact that I’m a fixture in this establishment. I look so much more attractive than an empty chair!

Today as well as painting she’s been researching food that she can get at Gordon’s. It’s a big shop for restaurants and foodservice professionals.

They don’t do all the things she needs like scones and sandwiches but they do have a selection that could come in handy as a reserve.

We have to do our sums now so I’m getting out the calculator. I’ll be sure to factor in leftovers just for me.

Blessing # 859 – Puppy Pastries

Wagging Tail- 196

I have been tortured for the past 24 hours. Ma decided that she’d get the scissors out and give me a going over.

She cut out a bucket load of tats from my neck and butt and underbelly last night and then hit on me again before dawn. I tried to escape to no avail.

To even me up she also did my back but she’s afraid I’ll take a chunk out of her if she tackles the head and legs.

So I look a bit like like a Lion or maybe make that Chewbecca.

I got a serious amount of treats though for my patience and good behavior so that made all the trials worth it in the end.

Blessing # 858 – Regrowth

Wagging Tail- 195

We took Dad to see all our progress at work today.

On the way we made a pit stop at the BIG sausage shop.

Much as I tried I wasn’t allowed inside but the smells were magic!

Mom says we’re going there to get our ham for the holidays and our sausage for our stuffing.

My mouth is watering already. This place is so smart

They also have these fabulous pies. They’re about three times the price of supermarket pies but Mom says they look amazing so she’s already told the bro he can take his pick on which ones he wants.

I was so fired up by all those smells and the prospect that we’re only a month from the Thanksgiving feast that I clean jumped on the table and did a little dance for Dad.

I didn’t have to jump too high as the table hasn’t it’s legs on yet. It looks more like a Japanese tea ceremony than an Irish homestead right now but a GREEN floor will fix that soon!

Oh and I forgot to say Dad said we did GOOD!

Blessing # 857 – Thumbs Up

Wagging Tail – 194

What a chockablock day. First we met Auntie Liz and my friend PJ and his new bro Eddie who is now four pounds.

PJ and I are very protective of the little guy and we took him on a two mile hike around the neighborhood. He did well and even walked on his little leash for a while like us grown ups!

When we got home we quickly hit the road for work passing all the landmarks that are becoming so familiar.

We headed north on 315 passing Liberty Church built in 1810.

Soon we said goodbye to the river and joined State Route 23.

We could see blue skies ahead but now know as soon as we pass the sausage shop we gotta take a right onto route 423.

That leads us into farm country past the barns and big pumpkin farm and finally into the center of town.

When we pass President Harding’s home where he did his campaigning that led to his election a whole 100 years ago this month we know we’ve reached our destination.

It’s right beside our place and wouldn’t you know it’s GREEN!

Is there any other color!

Blessing # 856 – A Road More Travelled

Wagging Tail – 193

It was serious strange this morning when we ventured out at 6:30. Dark and silent and very hard to see anything

Ma said it was something called FOG! Made me a bit apprehensive. It was sort of wet but not raining and the my feathered friends all sounded scared and strangled.

I was glad to get back in but herself grabbed the camera and pulled me out again to smile for the birdie!

All the car lights were spooky too so I was glad to get back indoors.

That wasn’t to last though. We had to meet Auntie Denise and saw something totally weird shaking in the trees. No Halloween decoration up yet so what was it?

A gigantic spiders web.

Fortunately no spider or it would have been as big as myself.

Blessing # 855 – No Fear

Wagging Tail – 192

I am feeling sad!

Once more I was left home all day with Dad and it’s gloomy to boot so I couldn’t even sunbathe on the patio!

When she eventually returned she was so exhausted with all her efforts that she only could manage a tiny trot.

In spite of her fatigue she is all fired up that the State of Ohio has officially given her the green light to do business.

She also has decided she has all the furniture she needs to get going.

Now we need your help. Give us your thoughts on names for these rooms

This is the biggest room and will have a traditional feel!

How about this one? It will have a lot of green and is getting greener by the minute. There’s a lot of green all over her clothes too!

This one we’re pretty sure we’ll call the garden room and then finally one that has a very rustic feel.

We’ve art for ever occasion so don’t let that limit you.

I’m exhausted myself with all the choices. Sometimes it easier to have limitations.

Blessing # 854– Naming the LPP Baby

Wagging Tail- 191

Today started out pretty normal. We met Auntie Denise and walked to the park.

It took a down turn when herself spotted a metal wall hanger for coats in someone’s trash. Poor Auntie Denise had to carry it home as herself had me on the leash.

OK it’s pretty and has roses which fit her theme. Not too concerned about that.

Off she goes with Dad to their Tuesday morning group but they weren’t away more than five minutes and they were back. I hardly had time to lie down let alone sleep.

They dumped a big metal table in the garage and took off again.

Sleep here we come! I had to get that in before work.

I shouldn’t have bothered. No matter how much I postured to get involved she refused to take me along.

When I saw the back of the car I understood why. That table she dived came with four chairs! The front seat was taken too!

There was not an inch to spare and soon there won’t be at the project either.

Blessing # 853 – Reaching Capacity

Wagging Tail- 190

It was pouring so hard this morning that we left for work before I got a walk.

Just as we were passing a rest area on the highway it stopped for a minute so Ma took a hard right on two wheels and I got to walk through the trees.

Strange place for a constitutional with the noise of all those big trucks roaring by but it did the business!

Onwards then no turning back.

First stop Lowe’s for a paint sample for the bathroom.

The paint sample was perfect so forget what I said about no turning back that’s just what we did.

Back to Lowe’s for more paint. Not only did she get what was needed for the bathroom she also bought a few gallons to paint her retro treasures too. My head was spinning and we hadn’t even opened the tins.

To make matters worse we were no sooner home than she had to start testing her color combinations.

Is there no end! Well it may still be raining but she’s taking me out now. Seems even Da Vinci was forced to stop sometimes to watch the paint dry.

Blessing # 852 – Green Theme

Wagging Tail- 189

Yesterday after she “bantered” for me Ma put on her coat and said she was off to an auction. No one was allowed to go with her as she didn’t want to be rushed. She left with the order “don’t murder each other” which is a bad sign it means she intends to be away for hours.

Sure enough she returned five hours later with three pictures. Not a big deal. Well as it turned out it was an extremely big deal indeed.

At the auction she was after tables for the tea-room. They were all sold by the time she arrived! All that was on offer was farm equipment and old bits and pieces of wood and metal. She was gutted but her guiding light told her to hang in there till the end and so she did.

The very last item offered was the one the auctioneer was using as his desk. It was an old picnic table in two half’s with benches attached. She was the only one who bid on it and so of course she got it! A table a table a table!!!!!

Turns out though she couldn’t even fit one half in her car let alone two. Some lovely soul saw her dilemma and asked where she was going. He said he was heading that way and would take it on his truck. Even that was a challenge but sure enough half an hour later after crawling along country roads they arrived at the project.

The man called Gianni wouldn’t take a penny just said it was his good deed for the day. He liked that she came from Ireland as he’d been there when his son was studying art at The Burren College if Arts.

Turns out his son Joe Lombardo is now a well know artist and is having an exhibition soon. Ma said she’d go with Dad and maybe one day he could do a show at the tea-room

Today I decided she was not getting out without me Incase she bought some other massive materials so I got my leash and blocked the door.

She took me and Dad too and again we went deep into the country to a barn. That stuff was way too expensive for our budget so we left it and went to Goodwill where she scored exactly what she needed another teapot!

Not just that she also of course had to rescue another little picture. I tell you there will be no need to paint these walls all we’ll need are hooks and hangers. It’s cute though!

Perfect for the garden room with that picnic table in place!

Blessing # 851 – Art Works!

Wagging Tail – 188

We had frost this morning so my tootsies got really chilled even with my Uggs on.

They soon warmed up though when Ma and me went out with Auntie Denise. No one else was around so Ma let me run free and I got to race and chase squirrels and lots of birds.

I have a great eye and nose you know and can spot a moving critter a mile away.

I point them out to Ma and sometimes she’ll stop and look at them but you’d hardly call her a birdwatcher.

Seems that this hobby is becoming very popular though especially among the young. There’s even a new community developing called Flock Together focused on building feathership. I’d love to join them.

I’ve always been something of a trend setter and so have some of my dear loved ones who are Ma’s chums.

There’s Miss Mary whose such an avid bird watcher she has a special room in her house set up just to observe them more closely.

Then there is Uncle Sandy who not only watches and photographs them he also jumps out of airplanes to join them.

If anyone has heard of a doggy parachute give me a whistle and I’ll be right back to try that too

Blessing # 850 – Flights of Fancy