BOOM – Blemish

90C29BF7-6D64-4ADA-84A9-D0A2CE78006A.jpegThis morning I went to Zumba and had to stop on the way home to buy tomatoes at our little farmers market.

Of course I forgot to bring my wallet so I only had the change that was in the car.

I knew how many tomatoes I needed and that I didn’t have enough until that is I spotted a box marked “seconds”.

All the difference I could see were one or two little blemishes so I bagged what I needed and bought them.

Made me think that if I had searched for perfection I would have had to come back.

How often do we do that?

Is anything or anyone perfect? Of course they aren’t.

So accept that little blemish because beneath the surface it will be just as sweet.

Blessing# 13 – Seeing more than the surface



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