BOOM – Brighter Beams

908DD34C-5514-4536-BDF0-8A3999B59ED6.jpegWhile on the road trip the lower left light beam went out on our car.

Yesterday we took it to our local MIDAS repair shop to have it fixed.

As we had done quite some miles I asked the manager on the front desk to have the mechanics check the oil and water to be sure we were doing OK.

The MIDAS operates on a first come first served basis for jobs like ours although you can make an appointment if you need a service.

The garage is close to a shopping strip so we went off by foot to buy new shoes for Dad and Aaron.

Within an hour we were all set and ready to roll.

The staff are wonderful so helpful  and so honest.

The manager had explained to me he would call and let me know the cost of the headlight because there were two possibilities on the bulb and they would only know when they took the light off. One would be $35 and the other $110. I said to go ahead no matter which one as I needed to have it changed.

When we went back to get the car turns out it was a $35 light and the oil and water were all fine.

So total charge? $35 for the light plus wait for this $5 for labor. Now that is one sweet deal!

MIDAS your get a BIG GOLD star!

Which company is on your list of best in class?

Blessing # 44 – Companies We Trust

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