BOOM-Bee Balm


While Aaron and I were having fun in the South poor Dad was busy at home.

You may recall I took to tidying the garage as soon as I retired.

This had implications for poor Krishna.

He is a man who likes to keep things and I am the complete opposite I cannot stand piles of papers. Although, secretly, I have to say Krishna’s mammoth paper collection has come in very handy especially at tax time!

Anyway when the garage mania hit me I put all his papers in one massive pile and asked him “kindly” to get rid of them.

Well he got busy while we were gone and made inroads into the paper stack burning out two shredders in the process. This gives you some sense of the proportion of this collection!

The outcome of this burn out was that a trip to Walmart had to happen. A new shredder wa a must as the stack is still standing.

As today was a washout and the pool was not possible we made the trip to Walmart.

While Krishna was studying each shredder in great detail I made a beeline for the garden center and what a fabulous find I made.

A fine perennial beauty reduced to only $3.50 that is both rabbit and deer resistant! Just what I needed and  best of all it is called BEE BALM.

Isn’t that a great name?

Bit of research revealed this is of the botanical family Monarda and is a type of horsemint also sometimes called bergamot because of its great aroma. The Bee Balm attracts as you’d expect bees and also butterflies and humming birds.

The plant is now snuggled into the good wet earth beside a friendly well established mint plant and with all the rain in the forecast over the next week the baby should get a good start.

Hopefully it can be used at Thanksgiving, as it was by native Americans, as a seasoning for (wild) turkey.

So today’s life lesson; while one shreds paper the other plants food for the bees.

There must be a circle of life in there somewhere.

Blessing # 47 – Unexpected gifts


One Reply to “BOOM-Bee Balm”

  1. I’m like you, I hate jeep thinks . During the move we instore a new family tradition ” spring cleaning”
    Anything we didn’t use for one year, must go. See you on spring


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