BOOM – BIG Bunch of Beauty

We had to make a run to Trader Joe’s as we were low on stock of my favorite fizz.

This chain of stores is amazing. Everyone is so helpful, there are never lines at checkout and the goods are always of the finest quality.

We love going there but it is a bit of a hike from where we live for the weekly shop so we save it for a treat. For the weekly we shop at Aldi which is owned by the same family.

Not only does Trader Joe’s have the best wine selection they also have the most beautiful and freshest flowers. Everything is top quality the products and the shopping experience.

Best of all everything comes at a reasonable price so the value is great. Check out this armful of blooms for under $15 for the lot. They look beautiful and they smell great too. Flowers aren’t the same if they don’t have a perfume!

Which store do you love going to?

What makes it you favorite?

Blessing # 48 – A Store that Spells and Smells Success

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