BOOM -Being Brave


Our niece Brinda who is an architect working in Mumbai India  has taken the very brave decision to start her own business Urban Creative.

She is focusing on her passion, the environment, and has just this week announced the launch of her first product.

This is such a big step and one you can follow by visiting her Urban Creative blog.

What Brinda has done made me think of other dear friends who have built their business around their passion.

Take Connie Kelly in Switzerland who has applied her passion for nutrition in starting her own company Connie’s Kitchen and launching the company’s first product a great tasting ketchup just last month.


For my cousin Joyce in England her passion for cleaning became the successful Dolly Mops business.


For my bestie Lesley Megarity, her caring heart for the elderly over the past 25 years resulted in the award winning Domestic Care Ltd that is now a major employer of over 600 people in Northern Ireland


For Jaspal Bajwa who is based in Canada and is the founder of Sunja Circle it was about teaching and coaching and helping other in building leadership skills.


All around the globe there are many like Brinda and Connie who are starting up and others like Lesley, Joyce and Jaspal who now have well established companies.

No matter the phase of their business each one is inspirational in taking their passion and with it truly walking their talk!!!

What is your passion and what can you do with it? Post your story for us all to see.

Blessing # 57 – Learning from the leaps that others take





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