BOOM – Botanic


This morning I saw a post from friends who had been to the beautiful Botanic Gardens in Belfast this weekend and had taken some lovely photos.

These gardens have been open to the public since the 1890s and much enjoyed by the people of Belfast and beyond.

The beauty and the adventure of these gardens meant so much for city kids like my friend Carol and me.

On good days we would walk, or run, the two miles from our home to get to “The Tanys” as we fondly called the gardens.

This was 50 years ago, so we were really quite young when we took off there for the day.

Sometimes we would take a drink and a sandwich and lie in the grass for our picnic. Often we made daisy chains to take home.

No one worried back then about dangers and in good weather children were outside from dawn till dusk during the school holidays.

The smell of the roses and other flowers was wonderful and the Palm House was like something out of a movie.

The Botanic Palm House was the inspiration for the one later built at Kew Gardens in London and was packed with giant plants including banana trees.

Can you imagine how much this meant to kids from terraced houses to see a real banana growing.

We would also pretend when we were in that palm house that it was the Day of the Triffids and that things would hatch from the massive plants.

It is great to see that these gardens are still as popular today as ever.

Sometimes a banana is needed just as much if not more than an apple!

Blessing # 62 – Parks for Play

2 Replies to “BOOM – Botanic”

  1. Voir mon fils s extasier sur la beauté du soleil couchant, faire des photos pour l immortaliser et se rappeler que la nature est bien belle.


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