BOOM – Baby Baby Baby


In the pursuit of order, the big clear it challenge has moved from the garage to the kitchen.

Quite some forgotten photos that were stashed away in the back of drawers have tumbled out. As you might guess a lot of these are of Aaron including his first passport photo.


He has a nice big bumb on his chin in this photo. We laugh to this day about how he got that. We were in the HSBC in Shanghai and it had a very fancy marble floor. Of course the lad was running around and managed to fall right into a huge waste paper bin!

We also came across many of other family members from years ago.

Photos that seem most touching are those of the people we know as little ones.

This goes for our fur babies too and for all little critters. Take this beautiful photo that Sandy MacHattie took recently of a baby penguin.

Could anything be sweeter.


Blessing # 61 – Little Loves



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