BOOM – Best of British Bouquet

Comedy is one of those things that is very much part of our culture.

Each country has its own sense of humor and of course we think our own is the funniest.

In our house British Comedy is highly valued and, not being biased of course, is considered best.

Nearly every Saturday evening, thanks to our wonderful PBS WOSU-Columbus, we watch Mrs Bucket or Mrs Bouquet on Keeping Up Appearances.

All of us know someone like Hyacinth Bucket. She is out to impress but has a heart of gold and is the go to person in times of crisis!!!

Maybe it is because the characters are all parodies of people we know that we can watch the same episode many times and still chuckle.

Came across this clip this morning. It is one of the all time classics from Hyacinth so thought it would do us all good to have a giggle.

What’s your favorite sketch.

Share it if you can.


Blessing # 64 – Laughter

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